School of Health Services Management Requisite Health Forms

Quick Tips

  • Download, read and follow the instructions carefully on your program specific pre-placement health form.
  • If you are an International Student, you are required to complete your program health form requirements and Citizenship & Immigration Canada (CIC) Work Permit.
  • Book an appointment with your doctor/physician and start with the medical requirements.
  • Once all the listed requirements are done and completed, you must create an account and book an appointment with ParaMed Requisite online and submit your health form documents at your scheduled appointment.
  • Students should not come or book an appointment with ParaMed Requisite Office with no health forms completed by their doctor/physician. Otherwise, you will be charged an initial visit fee.
  • Student will pay for their initial visit fee at their scheduled appointment with ParaMed Requisite Office.
  • If you fail to complete all the listed requirements by your program specific deadline below, you will be excluded from clinical/field placement and cannot continue on for next semester.

(S135) Office Administration-Health Services Second Year

C139-Health Information Management program