Networking and Volunteering Opportunities

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Students share their inspirations and portfolio designs during GBC Portfolio Night

At George Brown College, we value hands-on practical knowledge and are proud of our long list of industry connections. As part of their education, we provide students with opportunities to gain practical knowledge outside of the classroom and grow their professional network. Students are encouraged to volunteer at various fashion industry events and attend our different networking sessions and conferences.


George Brown College School of Fashion & Jewellery regularly brings students and industry leaders together at InSession speaker series held throughout the year. Students get to meet fashion professionals, make invaluable connections and learn more about the real-world work experience.


FashionWorks is part of Threads – annual year-end Day of Fashion. It connects successful alumni and industry professionals with our students. Learn more about Threads and FashionWorks here.


George Brown College School of Fashion & Jewellery holds an annual Apparel Business Symposium, Trends, bringing acknowledge industry professionals and alumni to speak to our students. Trends is a business conference for fashion students, academics and practitioners aimed to explore a relevant variety of topics, which will have an impact on the future of business in general and, specifically, the world of fashion. The conference combines expert keynote speakers with networking opportunities, all of which are designed to inform, educate and inspire.


School of Fashion & Jewellery has a unique affiliation with the American Apparel and Footwear Association that provides students with membership benefits and supports fashion graduates in achieving their career dreams. As part of the membership students receive weekly industry newsletters and have access to industry trade publications. AAFA aids students by providing scholarships, mentorship, opportunities for internship, and organizing networking events with the top industry professionals. Our Fashion Management students (F102) are eligible to apply for YMA Scholarship offered in partnership with AAFA.

Students are encouraged to attend or volunteer at Fashion Week, Fashion Group International, Fashion Art Toronto (FAT), FashionWorks Networking Event, InLand show and other industry and George Brown College events.