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George Brown College’s Fashion Exchange (FX) is a vibrant hub where fashion education, design, production, entrepreneurship and engagement come together under one roof in the heart of downtown Toronto.

With global fashion industry facing challenges of over-consumption, exploiting labour force and environmental resources, FX was designed to share the growing impact and become a leader in sustainable fashion production. With the people and the planet in mind, it fosters a new generation of industry leaders - committed, professional, and ethical. Fashion Exchange values reside on:

  • Innovation and New Technology
  • Environmental and Social Sustainability
  • Expanding Local Apparel Production
  • Meeting Industry Needs

Our curriculum revolves around hands-on learning

By bringing together educators, industry partners, community stakeholders and fashion graduates, FX has been successful at identifying and putting in place the practical education and curriculum needed to train people for immediate job opportunities.

Explore Our Certificate Programs

Industrial Power Sewing (F115)

Graduates will know how to operate sewing equipment and to assemble garments for production.

Apparel Fit Technician (F116)

The program will teach you correct pining and marking techniques for major alternations, basic fit concepts, draping and the balance of garments on the body.

Women in Fashion Technology (F117)

Women in Fashion Tech provides women the digital and hands-on training to secure highly-skilled employment in the fashion industry.

Other Services and Programs

Fashion Exchange offers sample making and small production run services i.e. pattern making, cutting, sewing and finishing of apparel and textile products. Pattern digitizing and marker making services are also available. These services are offered on a fee-for-service basis that is competitive with local contractors, but that is also fair for clients.

Fashion Exchange brings the best on technology to offer dying sublimation, laser cutting and embroidery. These services are offered on a fee-for-service basis that is competitive with local contractors, but that is also fair for clients.

Dye Sublimation

We’ve partnered with EPSON to offer dye sublimation textile printing services.  The equipment at FX enables designers to print their fabrics roll to roll (up to 60”widths) or print design pieces for specific print placement.

Laser Cutting

Our in-house laser cutting services, allows designers to experiment and use this technology in their collections. Being able to create a precise cutting and engrave unique patterns into their fabrics.


In the FX LIFT Lab, our ZSK embroidery machines allow us to work on decorative embroidery and advanced technical embroidery applications.