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Be Prepared for a Global Market

George Brown’s learning environment has a strong international component. In addition to sharing a classroom with international students from around the world, you have several opportunities for international fieldwork and international field trips. You can also take advantage of academic pathways available to various education institutions overseas. The George Brown College curriculum benefits from our many global partnerships and our credentials are geared towards preparing you for the global marketplace.

Our students have had access to unique travel opportunities to Milan, Miami, London, India and South Korea for competitions and learning abroad. During her studies at the School of Fashion & Jewellery, Andrea Tucker competed in the international finals of the Triumph Inspiration Awards during Milan Fashion Week and had her design published in Italian Vogue.

Student Experience

“Cross-cultural skills are very important in the fashion industry because so much of design and manufacturing is done all around the globe. Doing my internship in India has given me an advantage.”

Joao Paulo Guedes, graduate Fashion Techniques and Design, 2011, Fashion Designer and Owner, Joao Paulo Guedes

"I was one of the two students chosen to go to Carpi, Italy to intern at Daniela Dallavalle S.P.A. Working as interns we got to see the different departments of the company such as logistics, warehousing, the style office and communications as well as the people and work it takes to keep Daniela Dallavalle running. As a result I am better able to understand how the different departments of a fashion design company function and intersect with each other."

Courtney Reid, graduate Fashion Techniques and Design, 2017

“The School of Fashion & Jewellery at George Brown College is always trying to reach beyond just the learning within sewing labs or art drafting. [It] provided me with the support and the opportunity to go beyond the classroom and to travel internationally and do an internship. I got to travel to India. So, when you think of India and garment factories, I was there in the heart of it.”                                                                           

Sarah Splinter, graduate Fashion Techniques and Design, 2016, Product Development Coordinator, SMYTHE and Founder, Sarah Splinter Designs.