Types of Awards

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What awards are available?

There are many different types of awards, scholarships and bursaries available to support and recognize your time at George Brown. These awards celebrate academic achievement, financial need, and community involvement.

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If you apply for college-wide or divisional awards, you only need to submit one application per term to be considered for most of them. Also, you can resubmit your fall application for the winter and spring semesters in the same academic year.

Types of awards

A selection of college-wide awards, scholarships and bursaries, not limited to students of any particular division.

There are scholarships, awards and bursaries available based on the specific academic division of study.

Scholarships, bursaries, and awards offered by other organizations outside of George Brown.

Awards available to previous George Brown graduates, who have returned to the college for another program and are also current students.

These awards and scholarships are available to full-time students at George Brown College who self-identify as Indigenous.

These awards and scholarships are available to full-time students who are actively involved in athletics at George Brown.

The Student Access Guarantee is a bursary available to George Brown students as part of Ontario's Student Access Guarantee.

Entrance Scholarships are one form of financial awards available to incoming students who meet the qualifications and requirements.

George brown Offers various scholarships, bursaries and other awards based on both academic and financial needs through the President’s Office.