Student Leadership Awards

About the Awards

Designed to build from the success of the Michael Cooke Student Leadership Award that were born in April of 2014, the Student Leadership Awards are a set of eight awards that celebrate our students and the accomplishments that they have made to create and foster thriving communities through their leadership.


Indigenous Student Leader Award

Awarded to multiple students

This award recognizes and honours an Indigenous student or student group that has demonstrated involvement with the Indigenous community within or external to GBC. The recipient(s) may have supported the Indigenous Initiatives, created an event or program to support and/ or mentor/ mentee the Indigenous community or were activists to foster truth and reconciliation activities at GBC. 

Black Student Success Award

Awarded to multiple students

Awarded to a student or student group that advances the success of Black students inside or outside the classroom. The successful recipients will have participated in, developed, or led activities that strengthen the “Black student experience” at George Brown and/or the expansive diasporas within the Black community.

International Student Award

Awarded to multiple students

Awarded to celebrate an international student who has impacted the GBC community and bring attention to the experiences of the International Student community. Celebrating an International Student who has shown leadership and participated in or led community events internally or externally to the GBC community will be the focus of this award.

Learner Award

Awarded to multiple students

Awarded to a student who has continued their education or has started their education journey following a challenge in their life that had impeded their ability to further their education. The successful recipient will be a student who has participated in curricular and co-curricular experiences that will expand their learning and development. 

Innovative Leadership Award

Awarded to multiple students 

Awarded to celebrate a student or group that has used innovative thinking to address real world problems using visionary thinking to support their community. This work could have been done through academic work or as a co-curricular experience. The recipients and their nominators will speak to the program or resource that was created and be able to identify how that has impacted the community it is specified to support and how that support has been recognized.

Activism and Advocacy Award

Awarded to multiple students

Awarded to celebrate a student or group that has worked to advocate for a group internally or externally to the GBC community, seeking to advance support for marginalized groups, causes that need amplification, or issues that with further education and support will remove stigma or barriers. The recipient and the nominator will speak to the ways in which the recipient has educated the community and what impact that activism and advocacy have had on their community.

Humanitarian Award

Awarded to multiple students

Awarded to celebrate a student or student group who has worked to support a community through programs that focus on supporting and elevating groups humanitarian activities. The award recognizes the tireless work that a student or group has put into raising awareness and how they worked to gain the necessary finances or resources to support the work of others. The recipient and nominator will share the quantitative and qualitative impacts of the work that they have done.

Michael Cooke Leadership Award

Awarded to one student

The Michael Cooke Leadership Awards were established in honour of Michael Cooke, who served George Brown College for 18 years in various leadership positions. Most recently, Michael was Vice President, Academic (2000-2011) and concurrently assumed the role of Vice President, Advancement from 2009-2011. During his time at George Brown, he worked tirelessly to ensure that each student enjoyed a rich and rewarding experience at the college. The Michael Cooke Student Leadership Awards honour Michael’s spirit, work ethic and dedication to community. 

Awarded to celebrate a student or student group who has played an instrumental role in supporting student success and a sense of belonging within the GBC community or who has demonstrated leadership and engagement with a relevant community group during their studies at GBC. The recipients and their nominator will be able to speak to how they have been able to bring their community together and what initiatives they have led to make a positive impact. Recipients may speak to the development or leadership of a club or organization. 


Nominations open on Monday, March 4, 2024, and will close on Friday, March 29, 2024, at 9am.

George Brown College faculty, staff, alumni, and students may nominate any current student, who is part-time or full-time or student that graduated from June 2023 to present, that meets the following eligibility guidelines:

  • A separate submission must be completed for each award nomination.
  • The nominator must share how the student has met the description of the award. This can be done through a traditional written statement, a piece of visual art, poetry, music, or other medium that will fully demonstrate how the student has met the description of the award.
  • Describe how the student thrives in their role and is foundational to team success and morale in their community, e.g., in the classroom, student placement, work on campus, participation in a co-curricular activity, and/or exhibit dedication to living values that lead to a positive impact in their community, work, or organization.
  • Be in good academic standing.

Please note that there is no financial component to the awards. Winners will be presented with a framed certificate reflecting the award they have been presented.

Winners will be notified by April 5, 2024, with an award ceremony occurring on Tuesday, April 23, 2024.

If you have any questions about the nomination process, please contact Thomas Kaddour at

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