Frequently Asked Questions About Awards and Scholarships

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Definitions for Awards and Scholarships

Wondering what the differences are between the various types of awards, scholarships and bursaries? Here’s an overview on the various options available to our students.

Award: A generic term that describes an item of monetary or other value that may be presented to a person or persons based upon specific criteria and administered by the Awards Office.

Bursaries: Are a monetary award allocated to a student on the basis of proven financial need. Recipients must be in good academic standing.

Scholarships: Are awards which recognizes exceptional talent/promise of academic excellence in a course or program which is sometimes combined with non-academic criteria (ex: community service, leadership in the field etc.), as well as financial need.

Divisional Awards: Available to George Brown College students based on their program.

College-Wide Awards: Are not program specific, although they may differentiate eligibility based on other factors (i.e. demographics). College-wide awards are available only to George Brown College students.

External Awards: Are available to students beyond George Brown College (i.e. provincially or nationally), and are provided and administered through external government, corporate, or community organizations.

Entrance Awards: Recognizes prospective students who are not yet attending George Brown College.

In-Course Awards: Recognizes students who are already attending GBC including 1st year students.

Eligibility for Awards and Scholarships

Wondering if you meet the eligibility requirements to apply for awards and scholarships? Here is a quick summary of the different criteria for eligibility.

Student Status


Students who are enrolled full-time are taking a minimum 60 % of the prescribed courses for their program, or 40% for students with a permanent disability.


Students who are enrolled full-time are taking a minimum 20-59 % of the prescribed courses for their program.

Residency Status

Domestic Student - Ontario Resident:

Students who are residing in the province of Ontario for more than 12 months and have a valid Canadian citizenship or Permanent residency.

International Student:

Students who are residing in Canada for the purpose of education and do not have a permanent residency status.

Financial Need:

Financial need is based on, but not restricted to, the following factors:


  • Family income
  • Personal income
  • Number of dependents in the family
  • Applicant's financial assets and resources (including savings)
  • Applicant's government student assistance assessment


  • Cost of program of study (tuition fees, books, and supplies)
  • Cost of living ( Rent , Utilities and household supplies)
  • Food
  • Transportation ( TTC, Go Transit , parking etc)
  • Personal ( Clothing, Medical, Entertainment)
  • Child Care
  • Other
What scholarships, awards, and bursaries available at George Brown College?

There are many awards available, most awards are for registered full-time students. To view a detailed list of awards by division please visit the Types of Awards section.

Where can I apply for awards/scholarships and bursaries?

Students can apply by clicking the Student Awards tab on STUVIEW completing the student profile. Additional awards applications may be available for those who meet minimum eligibility criteria.

How will my award be distributed to me?

Any funds awarded are applied to any outstanding tuition on your student account. The balance (if any) will be provided in the form of an etransfer.

You will receive an email to your George Brown College email account on how to accept the e-transfer of these funds. Please follow the instructions listed in the email transfer to deposit your funding to your Canadian bank account. You will be prompted within the email transfer to sign into your bank account to deposit the funding. There will be a refund security code that you will have to access through Stu-View to deposit your funding; once you have received the email transfer, this code will be available (instructions to retrieve the refund security code will be in the email transfer). We highly recommend that you copy and paste the refund security code into the email transfer when you go to deposit your funding.

If you have any issues accessing your funds, please contact

When are the awards disbursed?

The majority of awards are disbursed in the winter semester. However, some awards are disbursed in the fall and very few awards in the spring. Awards adjudication time for each award varies. If you are a successful recipient of any awards, they will be applied to your student account. You can track the status of your application on Stu-View.

Do I have to reapply for financial aid every year?

Yes. You should complete an awards application each academic year to be considered for the awards and scholarships available for that year.

Why am I required to provide my SIN number?

George Brown Colleges requires award recipients to provide their SIN or ITN for T4A reporting purposes as mandated by the Ontario government.

As an international student am I eligible to apply for an award?

Yes, we do have awards for international students, view available awards here.

How do I know if I am receiving a T4A?

If you received an award, scholarship or bursary that exceeding $500 combined in the previous calendar you will have a T4A issued to you.

Who do I contact if I was issued a T4A in error or the amount is incorrect?

Please contact the Financial Aid office directly at

When will I receive my T4A?

T4A’s are released and mailed by the end of February for the previous calendar year.