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Jing Jing Yang, Graduate 2007, Financial Planning, discusses the supportive environment at George Brown College and her success after graduation.

The School of Accounting and Finance offers a wide array of diploma, advanced diploma, degree and graduate certificate programs. Our programs offer field education components and are designed to prepare you for an ever-evolving world of business and finance.

Our practical approach to financial services studies blends business and finance to teach you all the skills you’ll need for the many diverse career options in the financial services sector. The financial services sector is critically important to the Canadian economy and of that of the Toronto region. A detailed review of the robust financial sector ecosystem can be found inThe Financial Services Ecosystem in the Toronto RegionOpen New Browser Window report.


Advanced Diploma

Graduate Certificate


Important information regarding the Chartered Professional Accountants Ontario (CPA) and Advanced Certificate in Accounting and Finance (ACAF)

Students should be aware that the recognized professional accounting bodies in Ontario have merged under the Chartered Professional Accountants (CPA). Students interested in pursuing an accounting designation can now pursue either a CPA or ACAF. Students are advised to check with the Chartered Professional Accountants regarding the entry requirements to these programs. For more information please see the following website: