Advanced Curriculum Certificate In Financial Planning

Are you on the path to CFP® Certification and need to complete an “Advanced Curriculum” as defined by FP Canada? 

George Brown College, a leader in Financial Planning education, has bundled three of our advanced financial planning courses to meet the “advanced curriculum” requirement as set out as a requirement on the path to CFP® Certification. Taught by expert faculty from the profession, these three courses will complete your technical knowledge required for the CFP® Examination. In addition, one entire course is dedicated to the review and integration of all components of financial planning within the financial planning process. This will help prepare you for the competency-based nature of the CFP® Examination. 

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Program Overview

Duration:3 courses (may take concurrently) 
Starting Month:September, January, May
Year of Study:2022-2023




FIN 2005
FIN 2054$306.51$1,309.01
FIN 2008$306.51$1,309.01
Fees for all three courses are less than adding up the fees for the individual courses as it applying it to the lesser rate


Program Description

This certificate is a comprehensive, standalone option for the advanced curriculum.  Building on the knowledge and skills that you gained through your prior education in financial planning or your professional credentials, complete three advanced financial planning courses at George Brown College to meet the Advanced Curriculum requirement on your path to CFP® Certification.  If you are a professional who has received an educational exemption from FP Canada, these courses will provide you with a concise update advanced topics in taxation, financial planning and the integration of all financial planning components required for the CFP Examination. 
Success Factors:
Leveraging existing courses, this certificate is well suited for students who are aspiring to be CFP Examination Candidates:

Program Learning Outcomes

Each course has specific learning outcomes.  The course descriptions below best describe the technical curriculum and the skills and abilities that are developed and demonstrated in each of these courses. 

  1. FIN 2005 Income Tax Planning​​​​​​
    This course has students build on foundational tax knowledge focusing on specific income tax planning strategies as they relate to the calculation of the individual’s income tax liability. This course includes tax planning for the individual with respect to different legal entities, specifically partnerships, Canadian controlled Corporations (CCPCs) and all forms of trusts  
  2. FIN 2054 Advanced Topics in Financial Planning​​​​​​
    In this course students develop skills and knowledge in advanced topics of financial planning. These topics and skills enable students to deal with clients with complex financial planning needs. Students integrate their personal financial planning learning from their prerequisite education and apply it to client scenarios. 
  3. FIN 2008 Advanced Financial Planning
    This course has students applying their knowledge of financial management, investment planning, retirement planning, insurance, tax planning and estate planning to financial planning case studies. The course culminates when students demonstrate the process of developing a comprehensive plan for a hypothetical family.
    Pre-requisite/Co-requisite:  FIN 2005 and FIN 2054
Employment Opportunities

This certificate will prepare students for the CFP Examination.  Upon completion of the required work experience, successful CFP Examination Candidates can apply for CFP Certification.   As a CFP Professional, graduates will be well positioned for many careers within financial services, specifically in personal financial planning.  Certified Financial Planner (CFP®) designation may be obtained through FP Canada. (Note: A degree requirement is being introduced to be eligible to become a CFP professional, visit the FP Canada website for more information.) 

Note: Fees for CFP® Examination are not included in this program and are an additional cost to this program. Students or graduates should visit the following websites for information regarding CFP exam dates and fees:  FP Canada

Admission Requirements

The Certificate program is intended to be a supplement to pre-requisite education in personal financial planning.  Students will need to have completed an FP Approved core curriculum program, QAFPTM, PFP® or be exempt from core curriculum due to prior education, licenses, or professional credentials.  See policy: Alternate Paths to Certification (

Coordinators of Financial Planning program at George Brown College will approve the prerequisite education completed by applicant at time of application. Each applicant will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Eligibility will include, but not limited to students who have completed:

  • QAFP TM certification,
  • PFP®, RRC®, CLU® professionals
  • Completion of a FP-Approved Core Curriculum program
  • Applicants who hold a Relevant Professional Qualification, in good standing, as qualification for CFP Examination
  • Applicants who hold credentials or licenses that give them exemption from FP Canada’s core curriculum
  • Applicants who hold the Pl. Fin, a licensed financial planner in the province of Québec, as recognized by the Autorité des marches financiers (AMF) .