Fashion Program Advisory Committee Members

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  • Zane Aburaneh
    Owner & Operator,  ZANE
  • Crystal Ashton
    Category Manager, Adult Seasonal Licensed Apparel, Walmart
  • Miriam Baker
    Founder & Creative Director, Miriam Baker
  • Ashley Barby
    Head of Marketing and Operations, Specsy
  • Laurie Belzak
    Sector Development Officer, Fashion/Apparel & Design, Toronto Economic Development
  • Betsy Campos
    Fashion Designer/Owner, UnikaSwimwear
  • Edilou Canedo
    Designer/Founder, Cuchara Jewelry
  • Sherri Carlson
    Owner/Partner, CRW Design and CRW Sewing
  • Kathy Cheng
    President & Founder, Redwood Classics Apparel, The Wing Son Group of Companies
  • Leo Ciccone
    Senior Product Developer, Roots Canada
  • Diana Coatsworth
    Designer/Owner, Diana CoatsworthDesign
  • Nikki Francies
    Co-Founder, Director of Development CRW Design and CRW Sewing
  • Danielle Greenspan
    Associate Buyer, Northern Reflections
  • Siloni Handa
    District Visual Manager, Old Navy
  • Tina Huynh
    Vice President, Gabe Clothing Ltd.
  • Sunja (Sunny) Kim
    Director of Product Development & Sourcing, PYA Importer Ltd.
  • Emefa Kuadey
    Designer/Owner, israellaKOBLA
  • Melonie Lawrence
    Freelance Wardrobe Stylist and Fashion Expert
  • Colin Lewis
    President, Colintex Placement
  • Lyndsay Malenfant
    Textile Buyer, Elte & MKT
  • Darren Mason
    President/Co-owner, Andrews
  • Irini Michaelidis
    Influential Leader, Coach & Consultant, 6SESS
  • Franco Mirabelli
    Chair, George Brown College Fashion PAC
  • Jovana Nedimovic
    Owner & President, UNI & KONCEPT Inc.
  • Michael Nguyen
    Owner, Garrison Bespoke
  • Jeremy Panda
    Director, Peace and Cotton
  • Peter Papapetrou
    Fashion Director, Stylist, Editor, TV, PlutinoGroup Inc.
  • Berta Pavlov
    Professor, George Brown College
  • Mary Pereira
    Director, Product Development/Design, Joe Fresh
  • Kat Peterson
    VP Business Development & Co-Founder, re6l
  • Julian Policarpio
    Sales and Marketing, Sportswear Caulfeild, Apparel Group
  • Evelyn Reynolds
    President/Director Business Development, Retail Resource Partners Inc. and Aurora Realty Consultants
  • Audrey Romoff Hyams
    President, Owner, OverCat Communications
  • Louise Santos
    Senior Sourcing Manager, Roots Canada
  • Alan Seymour
    Director, Sales, Gerber Technology
  • Paul Silvertown
    Owner, Impact Group Global
  • Mary Simpson
    Product Specialist PAD System Software, AchievaApparel Solutions
  • Scott Simpson
    Sales Director, PAD System Software OLOtech Product Management Software, Achieva Apparel Solutions
  • Sarah Splinter
    E-Commerce and Men's Wear Consultant
  • Bruno Venesia
    Vice President - Enterprise Accounts, SVS Marketing
  • Nick Weinberg
    Vice-President,The Finchley Group
  • Wyatt Weir
    Owner/Sales Associate (part owner), Peoples Champ Vintage/ F as in Frank
  • Sarah White
    Founder, Girlpreneur
  • Subin Yoo
    Product Development Manager, Apparel, Pher
  • Afshina Zokai
    Owner/Partner, Nor Designs and Manufacturing
  • Rosa Fracassa
    Chair, School of Fashion & Jewellery, George Brown College
  • Ingrid Wagemans
    Coordinator, Fashion Management, George Brown College
  • Cynthia Sanford
    Coordinator, Fashion Techniques & Design, George Brown College
  • Luigi Ferrara
    Dean, Centre for Arts, Design & Information Technology, George Brown College