Centre For Arts, Design & Information Technology Experiential Learning Student Conduct Guide

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Work Term Behaviour Conduct

Students who are on an experiential learning opportunity are expected to adhere to George Brown College’s Code of Non-Academic Student Behaviour.  

Work Term Code Of Conduct

Students on an experiential learning opportunity are expected to proceed in their daily duties in a manner that upholds the dignity of their profession; to honour the terms and conditions of the work term agreement that has been entered into with the employer.  

Maintain Confidentiality

Some employers require students to sign an oath of confidentiality or non-disclosure agreement to protect the rights of their clients and intellectual property. Avoid discussing organization’s business, clients and competitors outside the workplace.

Honour Commitments

Honour the terms and conditions of the work term agreement; begin and end work terms on pre-specified dates. Deliver on pre-determined commitments and consult with the assigned supervisor or Field Education Office if faced with challenges.

Dress Standards

Adhere to the employer’s official dress code to ensure alignment. 

Effective Work Habits

Maintain effective and professional work habits. Students may not be eligible for overtime, flexible hours, and other benefits. It is inappropriate to request vacation while on field placement, except for religious holidays or family emergencies, such requests should be made at the start of the placement and those hours made up within the placement period, or as an extension. This can be arranged between students and the employer directly.

Students may be evaluated on the following work habits:

  • Attendance
  • Dependability
  • Initiative
  • Punctuality