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The Alumni Recognition Awards celebrate members of the George Brown College alumni community whose contributions and accomplishments have demonstrated leadership and enhanced the reputation of our alumni community and the College. The awards are part of our broader alumni recognition activities, aligned with the College’s Vision 2030 and LEAD values. The awards are presented annually. 

Alumni Recognition Awards 2024 Winners

Congratulations to all winners!

You've been selected for the Alumni Recognition Awards. Alumni Relations is thrilled to celebrate your achievements and contributions!

Jose Hadad

Category: Alumni Entrepreneur Award

Program and Grad Year: Culinary Management Program, 2002


I came to George Brown hoping that I could get the papers that would allow me to work at a high responsibility position. I not only got that; I got great mentors, tutors, and friends that I have to this day. It also expanded my perspective of food and wine, baking to a level, where I knew what I needed to do next, and for that I will eternally be grateful.

Gabriele Guiducci

Category: Alumni Entrepreneur Award

Program and Grad Year: Architectural Technician Program, 2005


This award means so much to me. It represents me as a Professional and an Alumni, because it summarizes my life and career since the beginning of my studies. It represents the challenges I overcome, and all the people I was fortunate to meet through this past 25 years, including my loved ones at home.

Joey Ma

Category: Alumni Impact/Volunteer Award

Program and Grad Year: Food and Beverage Program, 1995


Never give up!

Thank you, GBC, for teaching me all the industrial skills, giving me opportunity for my professional development.  It’s time for me to contribute back to you.

Denise B. McLeod

Category: Alumni Impact/Volunteer Award

Program and Grad Year: Assaulted Women's and Children's Counsellor/Advocate Program, 2006


“How am I going to be a good ancestor?”

This statement is the driving force in the work I do and how I walk in the world.

I was a young mom when I started at GBC in 2004, I wanted to build a better life for my daughters and I. The AWCCA program changed my life and how I look at the world. Being able to use the knowledge gained in the program, gave me opportunities to be able to work in my community and create space to be able to celebrate Indigenous joy and brilliance.

Urvish Patel

Category: Alumni Innovation Award

Program and Grad Year: Computer Programmer Analyst Program, 2021


This award is not just a recognition of my journey but a tribute to the collective spirit that propels us all toward excellence.

Eric Kukucka

Category: Alumni Innovation Award

Program and Grad Year: Denturism Program, 2010


Never forget where you came from! A solid foundation in fundamentals is the building block for future success, advancement, and innovation. Ask yourself every day: What could I have done better? Practice that mantra and you’ll always be chasing greatness.  Without George Brown, I wouldn’t be where I am today - working for Aspen Dental - the largest branded DSO in the world. Be open-minded, listen to those who have experience, keep learning, and stay connected!

Chris Campbell

Category: Alumni Leadership Award

Program and Grad Year: Carpenter General Apprentice Certificate, 1991


Persevere. Live your dreams. Pay forward your success to the next generation.

George Brown College played a huge part in getting me started in the construction industry. Thank you, GBC, for assisting thousands of people to get started and growing their career.

Ray Williams

Category: Alumni Leadership Award

Program and Grad Year: Culinary Skills Program, 2011


Always thrilled to be recognized for my association with George Brown College for which I am consistently thankful.

Aadhar Mehta

Category: Alumni Mentor Award

Program and Grad Year: Digital Media Marketing Program, 2021


Being recognized with this award is not just an acknowledgment of my contributions, but it symbolizes the impact I've had on others' lives. It's a testament to the connections forged, the knowledge shared, and the growth witnessed.

For me, the Alumni Mentor Award is a reminder of the power of mentorship. It's a recognition of the importance of giving back to the community that nurtured me and helped shape who I am today. It reinforces the belief that true success is not measured solely by personal achievements but by the positive influence we have on others.

Receiving this award reaffirms my commitment to mentorship and inspires me to continue being a guiding light for those who come after me. It's a privilege and an honor to be recognized in this way, and I am deeply humbled by it.

Silvia Rodrigues

Category: Alumni Mentor Award

Program and Grad Year: Business Program, 2021


This award is a recognition of our Mentor's effort to support the George Brown College's Community.

If we can help, why not? Glad to be part of this team

Guidelines for Nominations

Nominations are accepted continuously throughout the year. Anyone can nominate a candidate for a George Brown Alumni Recognition Award including the employers, friends, colleagues and family members of nominees. Awards are open to all graduates of George Brown.

Completed nomination forms must be received by February 20, 2025. Any nominations received after this date will be considered for the following year.

The nomination forms should be complete and include as much supporting documentation as possible.

Each nomination package should include:

  • Fully completed Nomination Form, including a clear and concise statement of 300 words or less indicating why the candidate deserves recognition in this category.
  • Nominee biography (resume or curriculum vitae is also accepted)
  • Supporting documents such as reference letters, testimonials, photos, copies or links to relevant videos and photos, media clippings other information deemed pertinent by the nominator can be emailed to

Selection Process

Alumni Relations administers the Alumni Recognition Awards through an Awards Selection Committee. Nominations are invited from the broader George Brown community via the George Brown alumni web pages.

Selection is based on the nominee’s accomplishments in alignment with the criteria as highlighted on the nomination form. It is important that the nomination forms include all relevant information pertaining to the award criteria. Supplemental letters of support, biography, and list of accomplishments that clearly make the link between the nominee and the award for which they are being considered.