Alumni Entrepreneur Award

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The Alumni Entrepreneur Award recognizes inspirational entrepreneurs who have had a significant and positive impact on the community through their business leadership. 

Deadline for nominations: February 20, 2025.


All George Brown alumni are eligible to be nominated for this award. The applicant must be a founder or co-founder of a Canadian incorporated company or registered sole-proprietor in good standing with Canadian compliance.

Selection criteria
  • Nominee Biography (300 words maximum) 
  • How does the nominee demonstrate empathy and understanding for a problem and implementation of a solution that provides a value proposition for the end-user. (300 words maximum) 
  • How does the nominee provide evidence of social responsibility/impact company engages in, i.e., the support given to community groups, mentorship, the environmental impact of product/service. (300 words maximum) 
  • How does the nominee demonstrate the company has a strategy for growth and continued economic impact within Canada and/or internationally. (300 words maximum)