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We believe education should be accessible for anyone with the determination to achieve, not merely the ability to afford.

At the core of George Brown College’s values is a commitment to student access and support. Each year, we hear stories of student successes that would have been impossible without the financial support we were able to provide to ease their financial challenges. These students have the gumption to strive for something better, to reach their career goals for themselves and in many cases, their young families.

Our success as an educational institution depends on our ability to attract and retain outstanding learners. It is also predicated on our ability to increase accessibility and to support their studies through scholarships, bursaries and awards.

Student awards and scholarships help us ensure that no student is denied a George Brown College education because of the financial burden.

You can establish an annual award simply by committing to a specific annual amount pledged over a number of years. As the donor, you may choose to designate your award to a specific school or program.

Awards are presented at award ceremonies, held between March and June every year. We are pleased to welcome award and scholarship donors to these ceremonies.

How Awards & Scholarships Help Student Success

Meet Sean

Sean Sweeney is no stranger to success. The track star and GBC Male Athlete of the Year has a long list of achievements. For Sweeney, the road to success is earned through dedication and hard work.

A full-time student in the Child & Youth Worker program, Sean credits the financial aid he has received as helping him train and attend class.

Without the financial aid I’ve been fortunate enough to receive, I couldn’t make it all work. The support allows me to perform in school and athletics because it contributes to a stress-free mindset and allows me to focus on the important things – studying and training.
Sean Sweeney
Child & Youth Work Student

Meet Sedige

Sedige Lina Ahmadi had to fight for her education. In her home community in Afghanistan, attending school was simply not encouraged for girls. When nobody in her family would sign her up for middle school, she marched herself into the school and signed up herself – at age 10.

After emigrating to Canada in 2009, Sedige enrolled first in ESL and then in Architectural Technology. With full-time school and no family support, Sedige applied for and was awarded the Technology Cabinet Scholarship.

Sedige’s message for those who donated towards her scholarship is that “you should be proud of yourself. I feel like I’ve achieved a lot for someone with my background and you are part of that. Thank you.”
Sedige Lina Ahmadi
Architectural Technology Student

Get in touch

For more information about donating to a student award or scholarship, please contact:

Gabriella Goutam
Development Officer, Annual Giving
George Brown College Foundation
Phone: 416-415-5000 x3289
Fax: 416-415-5011