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Alice Lee

(Graduate 2016, Early Childhood Education), ARC Program Leader, City of Toronto

"By the end of first year, I had gained knowledge from courses that I was able to apply to my field placements. That hands-on experience was invaluable to me because the placements were immersive and allowed me to grow and experience diversity. All of this helped me get a job immediately upon graduating!"

Narmin Pirani

(Graduate 2004, Early Childhood Education)

"I discovered that I loved working with little kids. It came naturally to me, and I knew it was the kind of job that I’d look forward to every day," she remembers.

Narmin knew she'd need training if she wanted to get serious. When she looked at the options, George Brown College's Early Childhood Education program interested her right away, particularly the seven weeks of in-class followed by the seven weeks of field placement.

"The courses at George Brown sounded more academic compared to the other ECE programs I was considering, but the main thing that appealed to me was the amount of field placement.". "We learned how to handle every possible situation in the classroom, but then when you have to use that information for real, you discover all the things that can't be taught in a book. There’s no better way to learn."

Amrita Persaud

(Graduate 2015, Bachelor of Early Childhood Leadership)

"My initial goal was to remain in the early childhood sector and possibly open my own child care centre. However, working at an Ontario Early Years centre and building many relationships with families who were new to Canada altered my path to success. It was inspiring to see how motivated parents and caregivers were, wanting to give their children the best education possible. They were eager to learn and to be connected to resources, however many adults spoke about the struggle they have communicating their needs. After seeing and learning about their struggle, I came to realize that I want to help children and families build the language skills they need to effectively communicate."

Emma Mogyorodi

(Graduate 2017, Honours Bachelor of Early Childhood Leadership)

“Through the Toys or Tools project, our team of current and former students have gained our first crucial experiences in academic projects. We developed critical thinking skills and sharpened our ability to communicate effectively through written and verbal means.”

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Nicola Maguire

(Graduate, 2016, Honours Bachelor of Early Childhood Leadership)

“Being part of the Toys or Tools project enabled our team to develop many practical research skills, such as collecting and coding data, conducting interviews, and developing strategies to overcome challenges. These experiences have had a tremendous impact on our confidence, growth, and success not only in relation to this project, but also in our continued academic and professional pursuits.”

Learn more about the Toys or Tools applied research project.