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Tim Komher

Computer Systems Technology - T147

Graduated 2012

“The most valuable experience was teaming up with other students in the program from all different backgrounds and ages who have had a varying degree of experience in different aspects of work experience.” explains Computer Systems Technology graduate Tim Komher. “collaborating with a lot of these people on team projects helped give me insight into different ways of thinking instead of just my own way.”

Tim’s mandatory Field Project took place with Bridgepoint Health (formerly Riverdale Hospital) during the last semester from January to April 2012. “The experience I gained working in the field I had been studying in for the past 2-1/2 years was excellent. It allowed me to apply the knowledge I had gained from my studies into an actual working environment and gave me insight into what I could expect to encounter during my career after school. The people I worked with at Bridgepoint were outstanding and helped put some of my knowledge to the test. It was an invaluable experience that I think all students should get a chance to go through.”

Soon after graduation Tim secured a full time job as an Operations Technical Support Specialist with Pattison Onestop Media. “My job search officially started two weeks before the end of the last day of school. I used GBCareers extensively in my job search by checking every morning and every evening to see if there were relevant positions available for me. I, in fact, had multiple interviews with different companies that I submitted my resume to from the GBCareers website before ultimately deciding on Pattison Onestop.”

What’s next for Tim? “For the immediate future I plan on concentrating on obtaining my certifications in CCNA, Linux+, Network+ and Security+.”

Milind Bhargava

Wireless Networking - T411

Graduated 2012

“A lot of my success is thanks to what I learned at George Brown College” explains Wireless Networking graduate Milind Bhargava. "I knew I wanted to dedicate my career to the computer field and be part of a school that invested just as much interest to computer technology as I did to deciding what career path I wanted to take."

Milind fondly recalls his time at George Brown College making new friends, being a Teaching Assistant, volunteering for industry events and receiving great career advice from professors. Some of the most valuable experiences I had at George Brown included working collaboratively in the many group projects that were part of the curriculum. Such group endeavours helped to prepare me for what I now encounter on a daily basis - working with clients, collaborating with my peers, and organizing my time effectively. "

Ranjana Shardha

Health Informatics - T402

Graduated 2009

After migrating to Canada, Ranjana Shardha chose the one year Health Informatics program because "I wanted a career change but at the same time I did not want to lose my years of I.T experience and knowledge having worked as a Computer Engineer, Software Developer, and Database Administrator. I was looking for a college where I could get practical, hands-on experience as that is what helps in securing a job, only theoretical knowledge is not enough. This program has the best combination of practical world as well as theory."

"The third and final semester was the best part of the one year program as it provided me with real world work experience." explains Ranjana who did her Applied Practicum as a Report Writer with Mackenzie Health (formerly York Central Hospital). "Other than that, Professor Sylvia's course ‘The Cutting Edge of Health Informatics Technology’ included so many useful employer site visits which provided the class with the real world exposure and latest developments related to the Health Informatics field."

Ranjana secured employment just after two months of graduating from George Brown College with MD Physician Services as a Product Support Analyst. "My job duties involve answering phone calls & emails by clients (EMR users) and solving their problems related to EMR usage."

Robin Paul

Wireless Technology (post-graduate, three semester)

Graduated 2007

When explaining Wireless technology, Robin Paul makes sure to use layman's terms so as not to confuse. This sensitivity to his audience is skill he picked up in his native India working as a telephone tech support agent for American users of Hewlett Packard products. Three years later he finds himself solving much more complex IT problems. And instead of resolving issues over the phone, he does so in person in the heart of Toronto's financial District.

As a client services representative for Toronto’s Data Impeccable Inc., Robin is responsible for keeping a handful of small to medium firms connected and communicative at all times. This could include setting up their Wireless networks or resolving issues related to their computers, servers, handheld devices, software applications or databases—anything IT-related. 

Nitin Ahuja

Wireless Networking - T411

Graduated 2006

"I was originally planning to go to University to pursue a more theory-oriented program, but I discovered that George Brown College offered very applied hands on programs and decided to commit right away!" explains Wireless Networking graduate Nitin Ahujam.

After graduation, Nitin secured employment with Redline Communications as a Network Engineer as a direct result of the Wireless Networking program’s last semester COMP 2107 Team Project: Network Design placement.

"My program coordinator, Khalid Danok, made an effort to have our class meet with industry people face to face through out the 3 semester program, and that made all the difference!"

Nancy Nangia

Wireless Networking - T411

Graduated 2008

"I am glad that I came to Toronto for this program as there is a versatile international community and you can always find friends from your home country" explains Wireless Networking graduate Nancy Nangia.

"George Brown College allowed me to gain hands-on experience and develop networks with people in the field. Every day I use the concepts and skills I gained in the Wireless Networking program."

Nancy’s COMP 2107 Team Project: Network Design placement during the last semester at Infonaut provided her with the opportunity to work on some interesting projects that included ETL Documentation, Online Request Forms, Web-Based Application Software, ArcGIS Server, Google Maps API, iPhone Development, & Intelligence Tracking System for Infection Control & Response. "It was my first exposure to the real world, and it reinforced my ambition to enter the IT industry."

Nancy is currently employed as an IT Engineer for up.time Software Inc. "The most rewarding part of my job is that life in general is way better. Having a good career and making a good income takes a lot of stress off and has lead to better quality of life for me and my family."

Amrita Tyagi

Health Informatics – T402

Graduated 2007

"While the work itself was very rewarding, the amount of trust and responsibility given to students was empowering." recalls Health Informatics graduate Amrita Tyagi of her applied practicum with GE Healthcare, Canada. Her duties involved creating standard operating procedures for clinical systems and diagnostic imaging products. "It was quite inspiring to work with exceptional, high quality professionals in the industry. The team members were friendly, approachable, and willing to work with me to ensure that I had a successful experience at GE."

The smaller size of class made it easier for Amrita to interact with faculty members and get important advice. "I received tremendous guidance and professional support from faculty that encouraged me to go beyond my comfort zone and pursue my dreams. The George Brown College environment was very nurturing both professionally as well as personally.

Soon after graduation, Amrita secured employment with St. Michael’s Hospital as a Clinical Content Specialist, exposing her to a variety of project management tasks. "The balance of the day is usually made up of various meetings with team members, solving complex problems, looking at the business processes, and making recommendations. Since technology is ever-changing, I always know there is a new challenge to face when I get to work each morning. I enjoy being surrounded by the top players in healthcare industry who challenge me to be my best!"

Dorna Farshid

Computer Programmer Analyst - T127

Graduated 2008

"I received my bachelor degree in computer software engineering back in my home country before moving to Canada. I decided to update my knowledge to be ready for work and I was looking for a college like George Brown to help me achieve all I was looking for" states Dorna Farshid who graduated from the Computer Programmer Analyst program.

The most valuable experience for Dorna during her studies at George Brown was getting the opportunities to have wonderful teachers & friends from all over the world and getting the experience which gave me confidence in my future career.

"Ylber Ramadani, Coordinator of the Computer Programmer Analyst program, was my favorite instructor. He is one of those teachers who have a positive profound impact on their students’ life. He taught us that in team working ‘I’ doesn’t have a real meaning. It’s ‘We’ that has all the meanings."

Dorna started working part time for George Brown College in the IT department. Systems Specialist Vikas Kukreja who Dorna was working with found Dorna her current job working for Performance Challenges Company as a Client Data System Services Administrator.

"When I make sure the clients are satisfied with our services, the feeling that we were able to do our job is the biggest award. Besides that, I am building my confidence, improving my skills and experience!"

Kamran Khan

Computer Systems Technology program – T147

Graduated 2007

For Kamran Khan, the most rewarding part of the job is a sense of pride and satisfaction that comes from a successful implementation. "Each day that I take on a new challenge and succeed, it builds a strong foundation of confidence which propels me to excel in the field."

Prior to enrolling in the program there was quite of bit of extensive research done by Kamran. "All statistics showed that in the IT sector growth was still prevalent in the Wireless communications, network administration, and systems administration industries." Kamran was glad he made the choice to enrol in the Computer Systems Technology program as it ultimately led him to be selected as Convocation valedictorian, his pinnacle experience during his presence at George Brown.

Margi Joshi

Computer Programmer Analyst - T127

Graduated 2004

After completing her Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics & Physics, Margi Joshi was looking for a hands on computer science program so she decided to enrol in George Brown College’s two year Computer Programmer/Analyst program.

"I always was interested in the field of science, analysis and computers. So, it wasn’t a surprise that I got into computers with my science background", says Joshi.

Over the course of the two year program, Margi credits some amazing professors who helped shape her career into what it is now. Starting out as a Junior Programmer, Margi has recently been promoted to Manager of Software Development at Gemma Communications. She fondly recalls her time at George Brown making new friends, being a peer tutor and library assistant and getting great career advice from professors.

Liberty Chisasuro

Computer Programmer Analyst - T127

Graduated 2007

In his native Zimbabwe, then 14-year-old Liberty Chisasuro began his first job working with computers in his uncle's shop. It was at that early age that he realized he had a natural ability for a career in IT. That ability, along with the security of a good job in the booming IT industry, was a factor in Chisasuro's decision. After coming to Canada with his family in 2001, he chose the Computer Programmer/Analyst program at George Brown because of the convenient downtown location.

As a relative newcomer to Canada, Chisasuro quickly discovered that the college proved to offer more than just convenience. "Getting to meet and interact with a diverse group of people was one of my best experiences at George Brown College." He recalls, "I think George Brown College is that one college in Ontario that truly embraces the multicultural population of Toronto; you could see that in every classroom." 

Dr. Dinesh Shettigar

Health Informatics program - T402

The evolution of information technology (IT) is transforming the health-care system by creating new ways of accessing and managing information that will impact how our health-care needs are met. By offering the one-year Health Informatics (HI) Postgraduate program, George Brown College gives professionals in the health and IT sectors the opportunity to blend their skills and become the collaborative specialists required by this rapidly expanding field.

As a practicing Dental Surgeon in India for eight years, Dr. Dinesh Shettigar recognized IT's potential for making quality health care more accessible - particularly telemedicine in rural areas where patients would otherwise have to travel long distances to get an opinion of a specialist.