Mechanical Technician – CNC and Precision Machining Program (T173)

Program Description

Program Overview

This 2-year program is eligible for a $40.000 scholarship.*

This Mechanical Technician program integrates precision machining methods with advanced computer-controlled machine technology (CNC) in state-of-the-art Precision Machining, CAD/CAM, CNC, Research and Robotics Labs. Students design and manufacture tools, jigs, fixtures, precision fabrication assemblies and prototypes using computer-aided design/computer-aided manufacturing software, precision machining equipment and sophisticated CNC machine tool technology. In their final year, students augment their learning by engaging in a 15-week co-op placement with industry partners.

*Domestic students only — see page for details.

Full Description

Graduates from this program benefit from a combination of advanced machine-tool technology principles (CAD/CAM/CNC) and extensive hands-on manufacturing practices that better prepare them for the technical challenges they may face in the workplace.

In their final year, students engage in applied projects to design and fabricate prototypes using digital manufacturing technology (laser cutters, 3D printers, multi-axis CNC machine tools).

All students will augment their technical training with courses in mathematics, communications and general education.

Your Field Education Options

Students will complete a mandatory 15-week co-op term in Year 2 following the final semester of classroom studies.

Career & Postgraduate Study Opportunities

Career Options

Graduates may find employment in areas such as:

  • aerospace
  • nuclear
  • transit and OEM automotive parts companies
  • health care
  • construction and building industries
  • electrical and electronics industries
  • mould-making
  • tool and die making
  • general machining
  • CNC precision machining and tool-making industries
  • research, prototyping and development of new and existing products


The tooling industry will continue to be the backbone for production, manufacturing and prototyping in industrial sectors such as:

  • aerospace/aeronautics
  • medical
  • military
  • pharmaceutical
  • transportation/automotive
  • agricultural, mining, nuclear as well as emerging energy industries (solar, wind)
  • tool and die making
  • mould making
  • general machining

Precision Machining, CAD/CAM, Digital Manufacturing and CNC technology covers the spectrum from traditional manufacturing to sophisticated high-speed, high-precision manufacturing that is required in the design and production of highly specialized equipment and machinery. In addition, these technologies play a vital role in research and development of new and existing products.

The future of the tooling industry will depend on highly educated and highly skilled technicians, and our program provides graduates with a solid foundation and an advantage to succeed in this rapidly evolving industry.

Alumni Impact

We are immensely proud of the contributions of our alumni in Toronto and around the globe.

From Michelin-starred restaurants to major construction, entertainment, community and financial organizations, our graduates are truly making an impact across a range of industries.

Latest Alumni Stories

After graduating from the Mechanical Technician program in 2000, Andrew Lindsay went on to become the inventor of a patented engine controller for Blutip Power that helps mining companies conserve fuel and improve the environment. With customers on four continents at six of the world's largest mining companies, the controller works on massive diesel-powered engines to save fuel burn rates by about five percent, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve operations through digital data collected by the device. For many years, Lindsay and his brother produced Lindsay Lights, a computerized, music-synchronized holiday light show that raised over $70,000 for local charities, won international awards and was featured on the TV show Ellen.

Andrew Lindsay
Ontario College Diploma

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