Honours Bachelor of Technology (Construction Management) Program (Bridging) (T318)

Program Description

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Ontario's first internationally accredited four-year degree program specializing in construction management.

Program Overview

The Honours Bachelor of Technology in Construction Management program offers those with a three-year advanced diploma in Construction Engineering Technology, Civil Engineering Technology, Architecture Technology, Interior Design Technology and Building Renovation Technology to pursue a degree in the field.

All semester 4 courses must be completed successfully (i.e., achieve a grade of C- in all courses and a semester GPA=2.70) before registration in semester 5 of the Honours Bachelor of Technology in Construction Management program.

Bridging courses are scheduled to be completed as an intensive block during the spring/summer semesters (May to August).

Full Description

Honours Bachelor of Technology (Construction Management) is a bridge pathway designed for graduates of an Ontario college advanced (three-year) diploma program in Construction Engineering Technology who wish to pursue a degree in Construction Management. Graduates of these diploma programs may be eligible to enter the third year of the degree upon successful completion of all of the bridge courses.

The Honours Bachelor of Technology (Construction Management) program provides a curriculum that combines theory, applied research, field study and hands-on practical education. Recognizing that today's successful construction manager must possess both technical and managerial skills, the curriculum combines studies in construction engineering and technology with studies in business and management methods as applied to construction.

Students obtain the knowledge and skills to manage the functions and processes of construction projects from start to finish. They master construction-related technical disciplines and soft skills that are critical to completing projects on time and within budget. Graduates of this program are entitled to the academic credential designation of Hons. B.Tech. (Construction Management).

The Honours Bachelor of Technology (Construction Management) program is well recognized by the construction industry and is fully accredited by the Canadian Institute of Quantity Surveyors (CIQS).

Graduates also qualify to obtain their Gold Seal Certification (GSC), offered by the Canadian Construction Association (CCA) to become certified superintendents, foremen, estimators, project managers, owner's construction managers and safety practitioners.

Your Field Education Options


An integral component of the Honours Bachelor of Technology (Construction Management) degree program is a mandatory field experience semester offered in the spring/summer of the third year of the program. The field experience is jointly facilitated through the Angelo DelZotto School of Construction Management and the Centre for Construction and Engineering Technologies (CCET) Industry Liaison Office (ILO).

Students are required to complete a minimum of 450 hours of appropriate field experience or the equivalent of verifiable past field experience, in the field of construction management in order to fulfill the field experience requirement.

Students are allowed to complete the field experience through the following pathways:

Field Experience course: Students register in the Field Experience course (TCOP 1001), secure a field experience opportunity in a construction management-related role, obtain a minimum of 450 hours of relevant fieldwork experience or equivalent and pass the course.

Prior Learning Assessment Recognition (PLAR): Students who have prior field experience equivalent to the minimum requirement can seek to complete the Field Experience requirement of the program through the PLAR process.

Career & Postgraduate Study Opportunities

Career Options

The Honours Bachelor of Technology (Construction Management) program prepares graduates to assume leadership roles in all aspects of the construction industry. Career options available to graduates of this program may include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • construction manager
  • project manager
  • project co-ordinator
  • field engineer
  • site superintendent
  • estimator
  • project monitor
  • building science specialist
  • building condition assessor
  • construction sales manager
  • construction claims specialist
  • construction quality control specialist
  • construction health and safety specialist
  • construction cost consultant
  • developer
  • project controls specialist
  • site inspector
  • contractor
  • subcontractor


In this rapidly changing and growing industry, more and more highly trained construction managers are needed – managers who can effectively function within multidisciplinary teams of owners/developers, project managers, architects, engineers, planners, government authorities, contractors and trade contractors. In addition, the industry needs construction managers with a comprehensive knowledge of construction safety and quality management systems and sustainable construction practices. The construction industry also requires professionals who possess a broad technical and business management background that allows them to coordinate multidisciplinary teams and liaise with various stakeholders.

Construction managers plan, organize, lead and control construction projects from start to finish, according to design, regulatory compliance requirements, contracts, specifications, budgets and schedules, with a focus on sustainable construction techniques and practices.


The Honours Bachelor of Technology (Construction Management) program is fully accredited by the Canadian Institute of Quantity Surveyors (CIQS), the Chartered Institute of Building (CIOB) and the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS).

Graduates of the Hons. B.Tech. (Construction Management) program are qualified to obtain professional memberships in various construction management associations. Professional memberships are based on the candidate's education, training and work experience.

With the completion of this degree program, graduates will have completed all academic requirements for professional membership at the Canadian Institute of Quantity Surveyors (CIQS). Membership must be applied for separately. Members of the CIQS obtain the Professional Quantity Surveyors (PQS) or Construction Estimator Certified (CEC) designation. 

Graduates also qualify to obtain the Gold Seal Certification (GSC) offered by the Canadian Construction Association (CCA). The Gold Seal Certification in the Canadian construction industry is available for superintendents, foremen, estimators, project managers, owner’s construction managers and safety practitioners. Gold Seal Certification is based on the candidate’s education, training and professional work experience.


The Honours Bachelor of Technology (Construction Management) degree is well respected in the construction sector. Here's what sector leaders had to say about our program:

"The introduction of the Construction Management program at George Brown College is the next stage of development of professionalism in the construction industry. For the first time, the industry has its own degree-specific program which brings together the two most important elements identified by leading construction executives – the science of construction and the science of management."

Temple Harris, vice-chairman, Gillam Group

"In order to provide the necessary leadership, we need to staff our projects with construction professionals. Therefore, we believe the four-year degree program in Construction Management at George Brown College is an important component to ensure our continual requirement for construction professionals will be met."

Christopher Rick, PCL Constructors, Canada Inc.

"As the industry expands and continues to change, it is imperative that individuals overseeing and managing construction projects are properly trained in all facets of the business."

James Zippel, general manager, Electrical Service & Projects, Ainsworth

"It is a fact that the construction industry is the largest employer in the Greater Toronto Area. Producing future graduates who already have the necessary construction-specific skills as they start their careers will only help strengthen the long-term success of our industry."

Greg Kozicz, president, Alberici Constructors, Ltd.

"In our opinion, there continues to be a real need for improved and advanced education and training in the construction sector and an improved method of attracting and retaining the best and brightest of our future generations. We submit that this program is a significant step in the right direction toward achieving these goals and believe that successful graduates of an effective four-year degree program will help to raise the bar in terms of the knowledge and capabilities of companies involved in the construction industry."

Michael George, president, Trisura Insurance

"The urgency for a program of this nature is fuelled by the rapid change in our construction industry and the fact that it is becoming more technology-driven each day. Having graduates of such competency enter the industry with refined skills on both the technical and managerial aspects of construction will not only fill a void that currently exists, but bring immeasurable promise to the future of project managers, site superintendents and construction management in general."

Mike Van Volsen, operations manager, Access Suspended Platforms Inc.

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From Michelin-starred restaurants to major construction, entertainment, community and financial organizations, our graduates are truly making an impact across a range of industries.

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