How to apply for General Education Transfer Credits

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What is an exemption?

If you have completed General Education (diploma) or Liberal Studies (degree) courses at another post-secondary institution and you earned a grade of 60% or higher, you might be eligible for exemptions from one (or more) of your electives.

How can I apply?

You can apply for elective exemptions as soon as Web registration opens for your program. The deadline for exemption applications the first day of the term. Applications must be submitted through STU-VIEW (Registration Services > Registration > Submit or Modify an Application for Transfer Credit).

Please note: Program and field-specific courses, computer courses, study skills courses and language courses do not qualify for General Education/Liberal Studies exemptions. Program-mandated General Education classes cannot be used as electives.

Please note: Course outlines are required to evaluate applications. If you do not have a course outline, you will be advised on how to proceed with your application. 

Please note: If you attended a post-secondary institution outside Canada, you are required to provide an assessment showing equivalency to Canadian post-secondary standards. Documents showing equivalency can be obtained through International Credential Assessment Services or World Education Services.

Information on how to apply for transfer credit

Contact Information:

For General Education and Liberal Studies Elective Courses:

  1. Check the General Education and Liberal Studies Electives page for your program's General Education requirements. Please note the guidelines about the breadth requirement and any course exclusions for your program.
  2. a) To qualify for elective exemptions, courses must fall into one of the three Gen Ed categories: Arts and Humanities (GHUM), Social Science (GSSC) and Science and Technology (GSCI). Review the list of electives offered at GBC to see what kinds of courses qualify for elective exemptions. Program-mandated courses generally do not qualify for elective exemptions.
    b) Identify a suitable course (or courses) on your previous post-secondary transcript, and enter the course code and grade in the Incoming Course Details section.
  3. You may apply for all of the General Education or Liberal Studies elective transfer credits in one application in any given semester.
  4. In the George Brown Course Details section, select an elective code from the drop-down menu.

General Education (diploma and certificate) Electives:

Arts & Humanities  (GHUM)
Social Science (GSSC)
Science (GSCI)

Liberal Studies (degree) Electives:

Arts & Humanities  (LHUM)
Social Science (LSSC)
Science (LSCI)

How do I know I have been exempted?

Please check your academic progress report (CAPP) by clicking the "Credential Audit" link located on your STU-VIEW main page. When a General Education or Liberal Studies elective exemption is granted, a generic code is added to your record (GHUM 1111, GSSC 1111, GSCI 1111 etc, for General Education electives and LHUM 2222, LSSC 2222, LSCI 2222 etc. for Liberal Studies  electives.

When you see than an elective exemption has been added to your record, please check to make sure you are not registered in any electives you do not need to take to meet your program requirements. If you are registered in an elective that you do not require, please drop it through your STU-VIEW account or at the Student Service Centre.