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"When I started Nursing at George Brown College, I had an idea of what I wanted to do as a nurse in the future, but I really had no idea of the limitless opportunities. I think it's the best career if you're somebody who wants variety and change and to always be in an exciting, ever-changing career."

Gita McAllister (Graduate 2010, Bachelor of Science in Nursing)

"Upon graduating from the Personal Support Worker program at George Brown College, I can honestly say that my life is changed for the better. The course work was gruelling and the practical exhausting but I have never had such a great experience with a school. To your professors you are not just a student number, you are someone who could one day be taking care of family members and loved ones. The amount of time and effort my clinical instructor put into my education was unforgettable. Her care over my academic and emotional well-being will stick with me forever. George Brown College truly prepared me for a exciting future full of meaning."

Mira Glogauer (Graduate 2018, Personal Support Worker)

"The RPN to B.Sc.N bridge program was able to broaden my scope of practice as I had decided to increase my knowledge after working for 17 years in long-term care. This program prepared me to complete my degree of nursing at Trent University after which I entered graduate school. As a hands-on learner, both the clinical placements and the encouragement from the George Brown faculty were instrumental in boosting my confidence as a clinician."

Jennifer Bilbie, RN, MCISc (WH) c (Graduate 2015, RPN Bridge to BScN)

"I currently work as an RPN with an organization where I completed my practical nursing consolidation. I feel I was able to qualify for the position due to the strong commitment from clinical advisors with whom I had the opportunity to practice my clinical skills. Their oversight helped me feel ready to impress prospective employers with a deeper level of knowledge and added to my confidence in knowledge application. I continue to benefit from my current clinical bridging program placement where I receive regular one-on-one feedback, and the chance to observe other students performing clinical procedures. The instruction and direction provided by the instructors gave me the confidence I needed to perform well in an interview that got me the job!"

Christopher Holbrook, RPN (Graduate 2018, RPN Bridge to BScN)

"The Practical Nursing (PN) program has not only enhanced my skills as a healthcare professional but also allowed me to explore which sector in healthcare I want to pursue my practice in. I am thankful for the support I have received from the program staff and professors. Through this, I have gained opportunities within higher education, research and clinical practice post-graduation."

Anthony Ralph Saceda, RPN (Graduate 2016, Practical Nursing; Graduate 2013, Pre-Health Science) Instructor – Academic Education, Baycrest

"The critical care course has forever changed how I practice as a nurse. I went from task-oriented nursing to being able to understand the whole clinical picture. The clinical placements helped me consolidate the theory I learned and challenged my thinking in ways it has never been challenged before."

Natalia Escalante, RN, BScN (Graduate 2018, Registered Nurse – Critical Care Nursing)

"I found that the Critical Care Nursing program including the teachers, placements, and tutorials were pivotal in achieving success in my new workplace. The in-class teaching was interactive and supportive, and our clinical experience was challenging and rewarding, which ultimately led to confidence in my practice. Thanks George Brown!

Blaire McDonald, RN, BScN (Graduate 2018, Registered Nurse – Critical Care Nursing)

"The Registered Nurse – Operating Room Perioperative Nursing program provided me with the theory and skills in order to provide safe and effective patient care in a surgical setting. By practicing each new skill in the Simulation Centre, I was able to add on to my skill set and feel confident entering my 8-week clinical placement. We were given the knowledge and hands-on skills required in order to work alongside surgeons, anesthesiologists, RNFAs and other healthcare professionals in a fast-paced environment."

Mathumesa Muhunthan, RN (Graduate 2018, Registered Nurse – Operating Room Perioperative Nursing)

"The combination of in-class theory work and reinforcement in the skills lab creates an atmosphere where all aspiring perioperative nurses can succeed. The Perioperative RN program at George Brown College has had an invaluable impact on my nursing career."

Kwesi Asamoah, RN, BScN (Graduate 2018, Registered Nurse – Operating Room Perioperative Nursing)

"Having the access to apply what you've learned in theory to labs and clinical truly facilitated my learning in the clinical setting. I was able to become more confident in my skills in the Operating Room, which allowed me to become a competent Registered Nurse."

Sabrina Sudhai, RN, BScN (Graduate 2018, Registered Nurse – Operating Room Perioperative Nursing)

"As a Registered Nurse already working in a level II NICU, I was itching to do more, experience more, and learn more. To help me achieve my goal I decided to choose the Perinatal Intensive Course at George Brown College. It was the best decision I ever made. Right from the start, I knew that taking this course would make me a better nurse and overall a better person – professional and personally.

Fiona Cabral, RN, BScN (Graduate 2018, Registered Nurse – Perinatal Intensive Care Nursing)