WAVE Hearing Clinic

A female hearing specialist is working with a female patient where the specialist is using her equipment to observe the patient's inner ear canal.

What services are offered at the WAVE Hearing Clinic?

Do you have difficulty understanding speech on the telephone or television?
Do people appear to mumble?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then you may want to schedule a free hearing test at our WAVE Hearing Clinic.

Students from our Hearing Instrument Specialist program will conduct a hearing test and make recommendations to suit your lifestyle.

To book an appointment, contact the WAVE Client Services Reception at 416-415-4547 or email chsclientservices@georgebrown.ca

PLEASE NOTE: Hearing services are only available during the school year. Services are suspended during school closures and on statutory holidays.

Hearing Services

Hearing Test: No Charge
Hearing Aid Evaluation and Recommendation: No Charge
Hearing Aid Sales & Service (contact us for details): Prices Vary
Hearing Conservation Consultation: No Charge

For a full listing of our services and fees, download a copy of our WAVE brochure.