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Adam Regli (Graduate 2013, Orthotic/Prosthetic Technician)

Prosthetics-orthotics grad applies skills and creativity

Adam Regli decided to pursue a career as a prosthetic technician because he saw it as a way to help people while also making use of his B.Sc. in Kinesiology. "It's the perfect combination of working with technology and the human body," says Regli, who graduated from Western University. He also recognized the potential for innovation in the field. "I believe that prosthetics is still a developing field, very innovative. There's a lot of stuff happening under the surface and I wanted to be part of that," he says.

Andrea Linton (Graduate 2012, Activation Co-ordinator/Gerontology)

The Activation Co-ordinator/Gerontology (C102) program at George Brown College provided me with the proper qualifications to work in my chosen field, while the placement experience provided me with two permanent job opportunities. I would highly recommend this program to anyone looking at working with our senior population.

Shanna Reesor (Graduate 2013, Autism and Behavioural Science)

The Autism and Behavioural Science (C405) program absolutely propelled me into the fulfilling career of working to better the lives of those living with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Without this program at George Brown College, I am certain I would not have had the educational jump-start I was given to land me my first clinical position immediately upon graduation. What I valued most was the privilege to form the influential relationships that I did with the skilled professors already working within the field. I am grateful I chose to pursue this post-graduate certificate; it truly was the catalyst to a profession that I take great pride in every single day.

Nicholas Karpiuk (Graduate 2018, Fitness and Health Promotion)

My experience in the Fitness and Health Promotion (S125) program at George Brown College has given me the theoretical and practical knowledge, along with the confidence, to kick-start my career in the health and fitness industry.

Kyuha Jung (Graduate 2015, Hearing Instrument Specialist)

"The Hearing Instrument Specialist (S117) program at George Brown provided me with the skills to enter this growing field with a competitive educational background. Practicing on real patients with supervision allowed me to build up my confidence and identify what I needed to improve on prior to being sent out on my field education placement. When I was placed into my clinical practicum, I felt assured that I was ready to do the job. Consequently the placement led to a job offer that I was happy to accept."