FacultyConnect: Tips for Fostering Well–Being in the Classroom

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It is widely accepted that health and well-being are essential elements for effective learning

El Ansari & Stock, 2010 

FacultyConnect is an online hub of videos featuring George Brown College's own faculty sharing concrete practices that they use to foster well-being in the college classroom. Research shows that there is a strong connection between student well-being and student success, learning, and retention. This relationship is multi-faceted: student well-being has a positive impact on learning, stress has been linked to decreased academic performance, and the learning environment can both positively and negatively influence student well-being. 

The evidence showing an important relationship between emotions and learning is there, but how can we as faculty put this understanding into practice?

This collection of short videos is designed to equip you with lots of different tools and ideas for how create supportive learning environments that allow students to bring their ‘whole selves’ to the table. It’s also built in the spirit of peer-based learning as a forum for faculty to share time-honoured wisdom and practices with their colleagues—from brand-new faculty to GBC veterans—across the college. 

The videos are organized into the following categories. Click on any one to get started:

Interested in hearing some student perspectives on the connections between well-being and learning? 

This project is brought to you by GBC's Healthy Campus Initiative, Employee Learning & Development, and GBC's Retention Initiative.