Partial‑Load Registry

The Academic Collective Agreement may give Partial Load faculty who have taught a specific course in a department or school priority to teach that course again provided there has not been a substantial change in course.

To receive priority consideration for Partial Load assignments in the next academic year, currently and previously employed Partial Load faculty must register their interest in teaching from April 1 to April 30, 2023.

The criteria for priority hiring is detailed in Article 26.10 E of the Academic Collective Agreement.

To receive priority hiring you must register your interest and:

  • Be currently employed as a partial load employee; or,
  • Have previously been employed as partial load for at least eight months of service credit within the last four academic years.

The priority assignment cannot be used to trigger more than 12 hours of teaching contact hours.

To register, click on the button link below where you will be asked to input your name and employee ID:


When registration is complete, you will be sent a confirmation to your active George Brown email. This email will also confirm the courses you taught.

As the Partial Load Registry roles out we will establish an FAQ to respond to common questions and issues. In the interim, if you have any questions about the partial load registry please contact: