Accessibility for Employees

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Emergency Preparedness

George Brown College has a responsibility to provide a safe space for all employees to work, including employees with disabilities or accessibility needs. Workplace emergency planning is important in meeting this responsibility and is an obligation under the AODA Employment Standards.

George Brown College recognizes that people may require additional measures in order to effectively alert them of an emergency or to safely evacuate them from a building. Careful consideration of the unique needs of employees with disabilities must be factored into planning emergency response procedures.

Employees should consult the Emergency Evacuation Planning and Procedures for details and should submit their request for an Individualized Emergency Response Plan to their direct Supervisor. Questions regarding this plan may be directed to the college's Manager, Safety & Wellness.

Workplace Accommodations

The GBC AODA Workplace Accommodation Policy outlines the college's commitment to support employees with disabilities in the development of documented individual accommodation plans. In accordance with George Brown College's obligations under the AODA Integrated Accessibility Standards, the Ontario Human Rights Code, and the GBC AODA Accessibility Policy, the college will proactively seek to reasonably accommodate employees by removing barriers that limit, restrict or prevent individuals with disabilities from participating fully and equally in the workplace.

Employees should consult the AODA Workplace Accommodation Policy for details and should submit their request to their direct Supervisor.