Sex Work Support and Resources

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Sex Work* Support and Resources

Career Services is a safe space for students and graduates to discuss sex work, seek related career guidance, and access internal and external support, and resources. Please note: As GBC employees, we have a duty to report any incidents of sexual harassment or violence that come to our attention, especially those occurring on the GBC campus or in connection with college activities. In addition, we also want to mention that we do not maintain records of or report any involvement in criminalized behaviours, such as sex work. For more information on GBC policies, and the relevant legislations that govern those policies, visit the Office of Anti-Racism, Equity and Human Rights Services (OAREHRS) website

*Sex work refers to the consensual exchange of sexual services, both involving direct physical contact and indirect sexual stimulation, for money or goods. 

College Resources

Depending on your specific needs and requirements for sex work support and resources, George Brown College is committed to providing assistance and guidance tailored to your situation.

The Community Care Centre is a vibrant provider of integrated health services, community programming, and peer education initiatives that enable student wellness – all through an equity lens. 

Counselling and Student Well-being Services offers a wide range of free and confidential services and programs that may be able to assist you. 

Local Support, Community Agencies, Resources and Networks

If you seek localized support within your communities, we encourage you to consider connecting with these respected community agencies and networks that specialize in providing sex work support and resources.

One of the nation's oldest sex worker justice organizations offering wrap-around supports and services designed by and for our communities across Toronto. Explore drop-in programs, harm reduction programming, self-defence classes, and more. 

The Canadian Alliance for Sex Work Law Reform is made of sex worker rights groups across Canada. Explore a trusted list of sex member-led and allied organization groups and more.

PACE Society is a peer-driven organization located in the Downtown Eastside of Vancouver that provides support, advocacy, and education by, with, and for current and former sex workers. Access excellent in-depth resources for sex workers including a tax toolkit. 

Located in Toronto, explore and access free medical and counselling services in many areas of sexual health.

Ending Gender-Based Violence, Economic Empowerment and Anti-Trafficking Resources

If you're seeking assistance beyond sex work support and resources and are interested in resources related to ending gender-based violence, economic empowerment, and anti-trafficking initiatives, the following organizations may provide the information and support you need.

StepStones serves young people aged 10-25 in and transitioning out of the foster care system, a population considered to be among society’s most vulnerable. Access a 24/7 hotline, information on how to report a bad date anonymously and more.