Career Services Impact Report: 2021 - 2022

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Career Services is proud to share our first online Impact Report. This report is based on data collected in the previous academic year: (Oct. 25, 2021 - Sept. 5, 2022). Questions? Email us at

Career Peer Coach (CPC) Support and Engagement Data

Career Peer Coaches (CPCs) assist students with basic job search preparation support. CPCs can support with resume and cover letter, provide LinkedIn Profile reviews, and share job search resources. This past year, our Career Peer Coaches held 502 Virtual Peer-led coaching sessions on resumes, cover letters, and/or Linkedln.

Career Advising 

Personalized career advising is critical to an individual's holistic career development and planning. Students and grads are able to meet with our expert team of career development practitioners, Career Advisors, to connect their higher education and career experiences to their desired job market and overall career goals. This past year, our advisors have 1,436 Personalized Individual (1 :1) Career Advising Sessions. This data is based on 519 Survey respondents (37.07% student response rate).

Topics Covered In Session

  • Resume & Cover Letters - 54%
  • Job Search - 20%
  • Career Exploration - 28%
  • LinkedIn - 20%
  • Interview Skills - 16%
  • Networking - 14%
  • Portfolio Development - 5%
  • Other - 3%


Actual Attendance
(-9% from F21-S22)

(+4% from F21-S22)

Could recall at least one key takeaway 

Could identify & discuss with others what they learned 

Felt confident to demonstrate or apply what they learned 

Career Advising Workshops 

Career Advisors collaborate with our many faculty partners, across our academic Schools, to support with the job readiness of our students in the classroom environment by delivering high-quality career-related workshops and content.

Career Services conducted 332 workshops from September 2021 - August 2022 to 10,377 student attendees.

(Outcomes are based on 1010 Survey respondents*)



Could recall at least one key takeaway

Could identify & discuss with others what they learned

Felt confident to demonstrate or apply what they learned

Felt engaged in the topic and presentation style

Agreed that workshops were useful to their career development and future career goals

GBCAREERS - Job Postings and Employer Portal

This exclusive online job-posting system connects GBC Students and Alumni, Staff and Employers. Students have the ability to customize their job search to their academic school and can access job postings, events, workshops and more. Employers can sign up for free and begin connecting with our job-ready students and graduates. Learn more on our GBCareers page

GBCareers Job Postings and Employers Data


2021 - 5,223
2022 - 8,758


Organization & Unique Job Postings


2021 - 1,703
2022 - 2,514


Division & Department


2021 - 659
2022 - 985


Online Reach & Engagement

Career Services is currently on Instagram under the handle @CareersGBC. Job postings are shared weekly, along with notifications of upcoming career fairs, workshops, events and more. Online, our services are also promoted to the website. Over the next year, the Career Services website will be revamped to be more dynamic and a hub for folks to access helpful self-guided resources and more. Stay tuned!




Reel Views (Instagram)


Avg. accounts reached per content based on 105# posts (Instagram)


Website - Unique Page Views

External Partners

Connect with students, alumni and employer partners as part of the George Brown Connect Café powered by Ten Thousand Coffees. Students can meet up for career conversations, in-person or online, and gain a better understanding of what careers are available with their experience and education.

555 New accounts on 10K Coffees/engagement

Interview Prep is a great tool to assist faculty in facilitating in-class mock interview practice. Faculty can create and curate specific class lists and interview questions and afterward, students can use the platform and record their responses. After recording, students can send recordings to faculty to review and provide feedback.

1232 New Interview Prep Registrations per Month by Location

1533 (.3% Decrease) Total Student Online Practice Interviews Completed

SparkPath-Challenge Cards was founded to help students create extraordinary careers by exploring the real-world challenges that inspire them. By changing mindsets through innovative programs, coaching, and career tools, SparkPath helps the next generation discover their values, interests, and talents and visualize how they can make a real and unique contribution to the world.

122 (35% Increase) Growth Mindset Self-Guided Career Exploration - Completed Assessments

What’s Next for Career Services

In the 2022-2023 academic year, we look forward to the launch and implementation of:

  • Our new Career Services Career Development Model
  • Our new peer-led resume and cover letter online review service, MyCareer
  • Career-equity web resources for various equity-deserving populations. Developed in partnership with campus partners including Office of Anti-Racism, Equity and Human Rights Services (OAREHRS), Accessible Learning Services, Counselling Services, and the Black Student Success Network (BSSN).