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The College would like to celebrate your achievement with an in-person Convocation ceremony. Ceremonies will take place from June 10-14, 2024. Please check back for updates as the information below may change.

What to expect on convocation day


  • Guests should plan to arrive at least ½ hour prior to the ceremony.
  • You need to show your tickets to the staff at the doors. There will be no admittance without tickets.
  • There are seats reserved for graduates. Please do not occupy the seats marked as "reserved".
  • Grads and guests should plan to stay for the entire convocation and reception, approximately 3 hours in duration.

Web Streaming

  • If you have guests that are unable to attend your ceremony, we will be streaming it live. It can be viewed on George Brown's website at

Accommodations for graduates and guests with disabilities
wheelchair sign language


  • Please advise us of your requirements prior to convocation by completing the information on the RSVP form or emailing
  • At the ceremony, staff members will be there to assist you. Please report to the Customer Service Kiosk upon arrival at the Meridian Hall.
  • There will be Interpreters at each ceremony.

Graduates Arrival

  • At 9:00 a.m. for 10:15 a.m. ceremonies
  • At 1:30 p.m. for 2:45 p.m. ceremonies

Customer Service Kiosk/Signage

George Brown staff will be happy to assist you at the Customer Service Kiosk. When you arrive at the Meridian Hall, watch for George Brown signage, which will assist you in finding your way around.


  • Register – to confirm that you are in attendance.
  • There will be signs indicating your program. Please go into your program line and let the staff know your name.
  • You will be given a card upon registration. This card will have your name, program and a number. It is important to keep this card with you at all times. We will use this card to line you up and call your name during the ceremony. The card will be taken from you when you go on stage.
  • If your name is incorrect, please print the correct information on the card and advise our staff at the Customer Service kiosk or in the Registration Room as soon as possible. This will allow us time to ensure that the correct name is read and displayed as you cross the stage. (The name on your degree, diploma or certificate will likely also be incorrect and will have to be replaced in the days following the ceremony).
  • You should now proceed to the Gowning Area.

Gown & Hood

  • A gown will be provided upon arrival for your ceremony. The gown size will be based on the height that you indicated on your reservation to attend convocation.
  • There is no requirement for a gown or hood deposit, however, if the gown or hood is not returned you will be billed accordingly.
  • Gowns must be returned promptly after the ceremony.
  • The professional photographer on-site will have gowns if you need to take pictures.


In order to be part of the convocation procession, members of the graduating classes are asked to assemble in the line-up room at least 60 minutes before the start of the ceremony.

You must have your registration card and your gown.

  • Indigenous Graduands & Traditional Wear - In this context, Indigenous peoples include First Nations, Inuk (Inuit), and Métis peoples of Canada. George Brown College normally requires all graduands to wear an academic gown and hood when crossing the stage at graduation. However, if an Indigenous graduand wishes to wear their traditional Indigenous attire in place of the academic gown, they are very welcome to do so.
  • Numbers will be posted on the wall. Please proceed to the line that reflects the number on your registration card.
  • Staff will be around to ensure that you are in numerical order. This is important because your credentials are sorted this way.
  • About 30 minutes before the ceremony the procession of graduates will be guided to the reserved graduate seating area, followed by the platform party.
  • Please turn off your cell phones and/or pagers prior to being guided into your seats.


We encourage you to arrive at least 1 ½ hours before your scheduled ceremony. If for whatever reason you are unable to get there on time and arrive while the graduate procession is being marshalled to their seats or after, you will be considered late.

We will try our best to make sure that you walk across the stage; however, you will go across the stage at the end of the procession and not with classmates. It is important that you proceed in the assigned order since we want to ensure that your credential is available when you go backstage. If you arrive late, it is not guaranteed that you will be able to cross the stage.

Personal Belongings

The George Brown staff cannot take responsibility for your personal belongings at the convocation ceremonies. Please leave items with your family and friends


Presentation of Credentials (Degrees, Diplomas, and Certificates)

On signal from the convocation staff, graduates will proceed in single file onto the stage. Remember to have your registration card available. The card will be taken from you on stage. As your name is read, you should proceed across the stage. Once you go backstage, you will receive your credential. Students who graduated from the summer or fall semesters will not receive another credential but will receive an envelope with a congratulatory letter.

This procedure will continue until all graduates have been called.

Graduates are asked to return to their original seats after receiving their credentials.

If you are the valedictorian, proceed to the designated seat.

Guests are encouraged to remain in their seats and enjoy the ceremony. Pictures can be taken either before or after the ceremony.

Graduates from the Winter semester who are not in attendance at the convocation ceremony will be mailed their credentials two weeks after the ceremony.

Conclusion of Ceremony

At the conclusion of the ceremony, the recessional will be played and the platform guests will be the first to leave the theatre, followed by graduates and then guests.

There will be a reception after the ceremony for graduates, guests, and faculty. Light refreshments will be served.

Please return your gown and hood before leaving Meridian Hall.


For information on parking, public transportation, and local restaurants please visit the Meridian Hall website.