Frequently Asked Questions About Academic Records

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Can I order my transcript online?

Yes, please visit our new Transcript Request Page for additional information.

Could I receive a faxed copy of my transcript?

Yes, this will be an unofficial transcript. You must still request an official transcript and pay the fee. We will fax you a copy of the transcript but will also mail you the original. Please visit our new Transcript Request Page for additional information.

Can I get an unofficial copy of my transcript?

Yes, unofficial copies of your transcript are available through Stu-view. You can also request a copy in person at the Student Service Centre at the Casa Loma or St. James Campus.

How much does it cost to order my transcript?

Each copy of your transcript is $15 CAD (taxes and shipping to all destinations included). Each copy contains a record of all courses and programs completed at the College.

Transfer Credits

I am applying for transfer credits to another institution. What would I require?
  • You need to check with the institution you plan to attend, to find out what they will require.
  • Generally you will:
    • require a transcript
    • require a course outline which you received at the start of the course. If you do not have it you need to contact the academic department. See the George Brown contact list at: Contact Us

Course Outlines

How do I obtain a course outline?

Course outlines that you received at the start of your course should be kept for future use.
Course outlines for the current year are available on the George Brown website (use link below). You may find course outlines from previous year in the archives section.

Course Outlines - George Brown College

If you did not keep the course outline you need to contact the academic department that offered your course. You can obtain the College contact list at: Contact Us.

Education Verification

How do I request education verification for a student?

You must provide us with a Release signed by the student authorizing us to disclose educational information. Please complete the form at the link below and fax it along with the Release to:

Fax: 416-415-4289
Attention: Academic Records
Or send an inquiry to the Records Department

Education Verification Form

Please allow five (5) days for verification if the student attended George Brown College from May 1995 and after. Allow three (3) weeks for students who attended George Brown College prior to May 1995.


Is George Brown an accredited educational institution?

The College is regulated by The Ministry of Colleges and Universities Act – R.R.O. 1990, Reg.771.
For further information on the status of George Brown Colleges as an approved post-secondary education institution, please access the Province of Ontario – Ministry of Colleges and Universities website at:

Graduation, Certificates, Diplomas and Degrees

How can I apply for a Continuing Education (Part-time) Certificate?

The following link provides the instructions for requesting your certificate once you have completed the academic requirements.

I graduated within the last six (6) months but I didn't receive my diploma in the mail?

If you did not receive your diploma or certificate in the mail and you know you are eligible to graduate, please contact the Academic Records Office:

George Huang at or
Gifty Quartey at

I had a financial hold on my account and didn't receive my diploma/certificate. I have now paid off my outstanding balance. How do I get my diploma/certificate now?

Please advise the Academic Record Office by e-mail. Contact:
George Huang at or
Gifty Quartey at

You need to indicate that you have paid your outstanding balance. If you would like us to mail your credential, please up-date ensure that your address is up-dated on Stu-view. If you would like to pick-up your credential, please advise us in the e-mail and we will respond to you with the date it will be available. Credentials can be picked-up from the Student Service Centre at the Casa Loma Campus only.

I recently completed my program, when do I get my certificate/diploma/degree?

Credentials are mailed 6 – 8 weeks after the end of the fall and spring terms to those students who have met the academic requirements and have no other outstanding obligations to the College. Students who complete their programs in the winter term and do not attend Convocation will have their credentials mailed late June or early July.

How many copies of my certificate/diploma/degree can I get?

We will only provide you with one (1) replacement copy. Please Credential Replacement Request Form and forward it to the Academic Records Office (fax and mail information on the form). Please include the reason for the replacement.

How do I change the graduation date on my credential?

If you believe that the graduation date on your credential is incorrect, please advise the Academic Record Office by e-mail. Contact:

George Huang at

We will review your record and if a correction is necessary, replace the credential free of charge.

How do I change my name on my credential?

You must provide proof of name change, such as a Marriage Certificate, official Name Change document, or other documents that shows that your name has been changed. Fill out the Credential Replacement form at the link below and fax or mail it to the address on the second page of the form. You can also bring the form into the Student Service Centre in person.

Can someone else pick up my credential for me?

Yes, you must provide a signed letter giving us permission to release the credential to a specific person (third party). The letter must have your name, your student ID number, what you want picked up (credential), and the name of the person we can release the record to. The third party will be required to provide photo ID as proof of identification.


I can't see my grades on Stu-view.

If your Stu-view account does not show any holds which would prevent you from viewing your grades, then we have not received your grades yet. As soon as grades are received by the Academic Records Office, the grades are available on Stu-view. Please check back a couple of days or contact your Academic Department. If you do not know who to contact, please use the link below for the Academic Department Contact information or contact the Contact Centre at 416-415-2000

Please note your Stu-View account will remain active for one year after graduation after the last day of your last class. After this time you may request an official transcript: see Transcripts for instructions.

I was told my grade was amended but it hasn't changed on Stu-view.

Please contact your academic department. If you do not have contact information, please use the link below.

Academic Department Contact information

Grade Point Average (GPA)

How is the GPA Calculated?

The GPA is calculated by dividing the quality points by the GPA hours. Each letter grade has a grade point value. This is multiplied by the credits to obtain the quality points. The credits are added up to obtain the GPA hours.
For Grade Point Values, see Grading Scheme

Course Credits Grade Quality GPA (GPA hours) Points

COMM 1007 3 B 9 3

To calculate the term or cumulative GPA, all GPA hours (Credits) are added together and all the quality points are added together, then the quality points are divided by the GPA hours (Credits).

Total Quality Points ÷ Total GPA hour

Are failed grades calculated in the GPA?

Yes, a failed grade is calculated in the GPA hours. If you repeat the course and achieve a passing grade, the failing (or lower) grade is excluded from the GPA calculations. The passing (or higher) grade is included in the GPA calculations.

See College Policies

How can I improve my GPA for admission into another program or school?

You have the option to repeat courses and attempt to achieve the highest grade possible. The lower grade will be excluded from your PGPA (program grade point average) and your CGPA (cumulative grade point average) calculations, and the higher grade will be included in all GPA calculations. Once you have graduated your program GPA becomes fixed at the graduation date; however, if you repeat courses after graduation your CPGA (cumulative grade point average) can be increased.

You will need to determine, via your department, if the course you wish to take is being taught and if there is space in the class. Students taking courses for the first time will be given priority for registration.

Some courses are available through continuing education. However, the continuing education calendar must show the following in the course descriptions "Full-time Equivalent(s):" in order for the course to be included in the GPA calculations. For example, COMM 1008 indicates in the continuing education calendar "Full-time Equivalent(s): COMM 1007". This means, that if you want to repeat College English, you can take this course through continuing education and it will be part of the GPA calculations.

Any elective can be taken to replace one with a lower grade. However, you will need to contact Academic Records to ensure that the lower grade elective is being excluded and the higher grade is being included in the GPA calculations. Contact Records at:

George Huang at