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Andrew Stuart

Mechanical Engineering Technology Design - T121

Graduated 2010

“This field is the perfect complement to my skill set. It has given me the computer skills and theoretical knowledge to allow me to put ideas forth in a new professional manner.” explains Mechanical Engineering Technology Design graduate Andrew Stuart. “I had worked for 20+ years as an industrial millwright and electrician. It was time for me to use my knowledge and skills to start creating things instead of following some on else's ideas.”

Soon after graduation Andrew started up his own consulting firm, Stuart Consulting, in the role of Research Consultant/Principle Researcher. “The most rewarding part of my job is the variety of activities and the freedom to be creative. As a research consultant I can do any task from designing concepts, building prototypes, testing designs, to report writing and making presentations.”

Andrew describes his overall college experience as thoroughly enjoyable. “It has given me a new career in which I look forward to coming to work. I was already prepared for the real world. George Brown College prepared me for another world!”

Dariuz Nikolaz Darqiuz

Electromechanical Engineering Technician - T146

Graduated 2011

“George Brown College offered me real work place experience and a vast array of working knowledge on communication, technical writing, computers, electricity, and mechanics. These essential skills helped me to successful blend into the workplace within 3 days after finishing my program!” explains Electromechanical Engineering Technician graduate Dariuz Nikolaz Darqiuz who secured the position of Building Automation Systems Technician at Setpoint Building Automation.

A typical work day for Dariuz includes surveying the client building and deciding on an effective and efficient way of completing the building automation systems installation. From there, mapping out a physical plan for running conduit, communication cables and signal cables throughout the required areas of the building. Finally after completing the running of cables, to begin terminating radiation valves, actuators, sensors, controllers and any necessary electrical connection to pumps, motors and other devices as required. “Job locations change practically every day and this in itself keeps me motivated to see what the next big project is like!” 

Thomas Hoang

Mechanical Technician – Tool & Die – T143

Graduated: 2009

“George Brown College helped me crossover to the “real world” work force by opening my eyes and immersing me in a lot of things I needed to see or experience myself first-hand.” explains Thomas Hoang who graduated from the Mechanical Technician – Tool & Die program in 2009.

“I used all the resources available to me, whether it was the Industry Liaison Office, GBCareers, the free resume critique classes or the amazingly helpful faculty at George Brown College. They all helped me get me out there to showcase my skills and potential to possible employers. I urge you to use every possible means George Brown has available to help promote yourself to potential employers!”

Thomas is currently employed with Concept Tooling & Manufacturing as a Tool & Die Apprentice. “I work very closely with a Tool Maker, where I am assigned to working with raw material to make parts needed for the tool. I fly-cut, counter bore, grind, drill & tap holes, and assemble the parts by running the tool in the press. The most rewarding part about my job is having the satisfaction of knowing all the time and effort that went into producing the tool resulted in it being within tolerances.”

“When I was a kid, I had never dreamed of being employed in this field, but here I am, as a registered Tool & Die Maker with the Ontario Government!”

Adri Juricka

Mechanical Engineering Technology - Design - T121

Graduated 2008

As a child, Adri was the kind of person who took things apart to see how they worked. “My best friend’s dad was an engineer who had done some very famous work. That was an inspiration to me and I wanted to learn how the world works and to make something beneficial to society. I’m also the one in my group of friends explaining the scientific side of things and talking about how things work. The program was a logical choice for me, really. It helped me pursue that avenue and see how things are really made from scratch from raw materials and the processes that can be performed on them.”

Prior to applying to George Brown College, Adri took a year of courses at York University, but decided to focus on something more practical. “I was finding it hard to stay interested in my studies when they were purely theoretical. I wanted to be able to explain ideas that I had and put them onto paper so that someone else would be able to see clearly what I was thinking. This design program was able to teach me just that and keep me interested at the same time.”

Adri feels some of the most memorable moments came while working in the shop and labs at George Brown. “There is nothing like getting immersed in the material and trying it yourself. While the theory takes months to memorize, it just takes a class or two in the lab to get a feel for actually setting up and solving a real-life problem.”

During a field trip to a metal-stamping plant and an information-gathering interview at a GM plant in Oshawa, Adri was able to get a glimpse at the actual industry into which they were headed. “This was a very important step for me because it was the first time I had really seen a manufacturing environment up close. After further research and exploration, I believe I have a good feel for the manufacturing and industry sector in Ontario and a much better understanding of how industry works in general and how to become part of it!”

Education never stops for Adri, who is currently completing an Electrical Engineering degree at Ryerson University.

Parneet Singh Saggu

Mechanical Technician - Tool and Die – T143

Graduated: 2008

"I owe a lot of my success to teachers who understood my passion about going into the Tool and Die field. They went out of their way to help me, and in fact, I found my first job with the help of a reference from the program coordinator!" explains Mechanical Technician - Tool and Die graduate Parneet Singh Saggu, who got his first job right after graduation working for 2Source Manufacturing as a CNC Machinist.

"I started my career as an apprentice CNC Machinist and am now working as a licensed CNC Machinist. A typical work day involves having my part approved from Quality Assurance, changing tools, setting up the machine for new jobs, and starting production. During production, I have to verify the part visually and check its dimensions, all the while maintaining the machines. The best part of my job is that I am in the Aircraft Industry working with advanced technology!"

During his studies at George Brown, Parneet achieved a Silver Medal for Precision Machining 2010 - Post-secondary at the Ontario Technological Skills Competition. What's next for Parneet? "When I was a child, I always want to be an Engineer and I am keen to start my study again to achieve my goal!"

Ilan Lustgarten

Mechanical Engineering Technology - Design - T121

Graduated 2007

“Growing up, I was always the kid opening everything I could get my hands on and figuring out how it was built” explains Mechanical Engineering Technology - Design graduate Ilan Lustgarten. “I definitely wanted to become an Architect or an Engineer.”

Ilan chose the 3 year Mechanical Engineering Technology - Design program “because I wanted to get the most out of a school that would prepare me for real life, being fundamentals and hands-on experience. I felt I would be in an environment where everyone learns and succeeds together, helping each other with questions, and where my personal opinions were valued. My time with the School of Mechanical Engineering Technologies gave me all sorts of experiences, not only in the academic and hands-on parts, but also in growing, having responsibility, commitment and dedication.”

After attending George Brown College’s annual Construction and Engineering Technologies Career Fair, Ilan soon secured a position with H.H. Angus & Associates Limited as a Mechanical Designer where he spends his days designing HVAC, plumbing and fire protection systems, from calculations and fundamentals to detail drawings and specifying equipment, for mostly the Healthcare industry.

“I will never stop learning, and trying to improve myself. I am planning on learning more of the business I’m working with right now, by taking courses, a lot of them being offered at George Brown College, and making myself more specialized and experienced for the field.”

Lawrence Lee

Mechanical Technician Tool and Die - T143
& Mechanical Engineering Technology-Design – T121

Graduated 2008

After an exceptional academic career at George Brown that included a Dean’s Award, a gold medal at Ontario Skills, a silver at Skills Canada, a Governor General’s Academic Award, and two diplomas, Lawrence Lee is moving on.

The two-time graduate who earned diplomas in Mechanical Technician – Tool and Die and Mechanical Engineering Technology-Design this spring, heads to the University of Toronto in September to complete what he set out to do four years earlier - a Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering.

Lawrence enrolled at George Brown after completing one year at U of T. “I wanted a more supportive environment, smaller classes and more practical, hands-on work,” he says, explaining his decision to transfer to George Brown.

When he found himself with a lighter than normal course load in first year, one of his instructors recommended he also take Tool and Die to learn how to turn good designs into real objects. He appreciates the wisdom in that advice and believes that a unique combination of design and tool and die will make him a better engineer. 

Annie Lam

Mechanical Technician - Tool and Die – T143

Graduated 2008

Annie Lam found her way to the machine shop floor as a tool and die maker after much trial and error. By the age of 24, her resume included job titles like curator, caterer, hair stylist, makeup artist and graphic designer. None of these positions satisfied her yearning to work with her hands. “I kept failing because I hadn’t yet found my niche,” she says.

That all changed the first time she filed down a piece of sheet metal. She describes the experience of watching the splinters and cuts in the material soften and disappear, amidst noise and flying shrapnel, as “intense” and “joyful.”

“Before that, I had never had any contact with machining. I was surprised at how at home I felt,” she says. The Hong Kong native who arrived in Canada at the age of eight was pegged as a visual artist at a young age, and was streamed into a classical fine art education in high school. Three years into an undergraduate degree in fine arts, she grew frustrated with the lack of technical instruction being given to students, such as the proper molding and casting techniques for sculpting.

George Brown’s Mechanical Technician - Tool and Die program offered the practical education she sought.

Doug Hietkamp

Graduate 1986, Electromechanical Engineering Technician

Director of Sustainable Development Programs, Teknion

As Director of Sustainable Development Programs, Doug Hietkamp has helped grow Teknion's reputation as an organization committed to environmental sustainability. Under his leadership, the company has won numerous environmental awards, including the Minister's Award for Environmental Excellence from the Ontario Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change. Hietkamp speaks at industry and environmental events and mentors students in Toronto area colleges and universities. Passionate about environmental sustainability, he has installed solar and geothermal systems and energy-saving upgrades on his own properties. An Ironman triathlete and an active volunteer, he has participated in Habitat for Humanity builds in Chile, Bolivia and Honduras.

While the work that Hietkamp does as Director of Sustainable Development at Teknion is removed from his college training as a tool and die designer, Hietkamp believes his college education has helped him get to where he is today and that his training still helps him in his day-to-day work.

Andrew Lindsay

Graduate 2000

Since graduating from the Mechanical Technician program in 2000, Andrew Lindsay went on to become the inventor of a patented engine controller for Blutip Power that helps mining companies conserve fuel and improve the environment. With customers on four continents at six of the world's largest mining companies, the controller works on massive diesel-powered engines to save fuel burn rates by about five percent, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve operations through digital data collected by the device. For many years, Lindsay and his brother produced Lindsay Lights, a computerized, music-synchronized holiday light show that raised over $70,000 for local charities, won international awards and was featured on the TV show Ellen.