To facilitate student success, the George Brown College Foundation works with donors to create endowments and student awards.

With an endowment, donors sign an agreement to invest an amount in perpetuity. The annual interest generated on this amount is presented as a student award and endowments are named in recognition of the donor(s). Some donors want their awards to be a certain monetary value and make an annual donation to ensure the award value.

Currently, through the Ontario Trust for Student Support (OTSS) program, eligible contributions to endowments can be matched dollar-for-dollar.  This means a donation of $5,000 will become an endowment of $10,000. At 4% - 5% return this endowment would generate a student award of $400 - $500 per year. The principal in an endowment is never expended, so the award is presented in perpetuity.

The annual selection of a student to receive an award is determined by the Faculty and is based on criteria established in an endowment or award agreement. If the endowment is matched through the OTSS program certain criteria must be applied (ie. demonstrated financial need and residency in Ontario for the preceding 12 months).

Please feel free to contact Julia Bondarenko, Assistant to the Dean at 416-415-5000 ext.: 3383.