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Christopher Desloges

(Graduate 2007, American Sign Language – English Interpreter)

Meet Christopher Desloges and learn how he developed his passion for American Sign Language into a successful business that now hires George Brown College American Sign Language – English Interpreter Grads.

Kate Alton

(Graduate 2018, American Sign Language and Deaf Studies)

"The American Sign Language and Deaf Studies program at George Brown is a tremendous program whose rewards equal the effort that any participant invests in it. I was able to progress from knowing minimal ASL to being accepted into the Honours Bachelor of Interpretation program, also at George Brown College. The professors are generous, wonderful teachers who are patient but also ready to push eager students to achieve their goals. I highly recommend this program as a means to gaining insight into the fascinating and inspiring world of Deaf Culture in Canada through a key point of entry: American Sign Language."

Nahed Dajjani

(Student, Honours Bachelor of Interpretation [American Sign Language – English])

"My professors are passionate about their work and support us tremendously. They not only teach us the skills we need to succeed in this program, but to be successful in life and in our careers as professional interpreters."