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Interested in a career working with the Deaf and the Deafblind?

When you choose to become a professional Interpreter or Deafblind Intervenor, you will be selecting a career that can make a significant difference in the quality of peoples’ lives. The specialized skills you will develop will help you facilitate communication to and from members of the Deaf and deafblind community, giving them greater access to the world around them. By providing access to this otherwise inaccessible information, you will enable these community members to experience life to the fullest.

If you are interested in learning the fundamental language skills used to communicate with the Deaf and deafblind, we offer a one-year American Sign Language certificate program that introduces you to the language and culture of the Deaf community. This program will also prepare you for further study in our more advanced programs.


Want to provide a learning opportunity for our students? 4th-year students in our Honours Bachelor of Interpretation (ASL-English) provide limited pro bono interpreting services in authentic settings within the GTA by offering the Volunteer Student Interpreting Services.


Headshot of Bridgette Walker
“George Brown is THE best place to improve your knowledge and competence in ASL ... By the time I finished my studies I felt like the ‘real deal’ and I owe that to the dedication of my instructors”.
 Bridgette Walker
Graduate of three Centre for Community Services and Early Childhood programs at George Brown College

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