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The Analytics Hub provides an opportunity for business professionals to get valuable recommendations while helping students gain hands-on work experience. Our students will work collaboratively with faculty and industry partners to apply analysis and decision making to complex management issues. The list of vendor solutions continues to grow as our business partners analytical challenges continues to grow.  Our industry partners continues to grow with over 20 partners including BMO, BNS, SAS, IBM, Uber, Moneris, University of Toronto, Demac Media, Boire Filler Group, Vision Travel, Harbourfront Centre, BCO Content Strategies, and AP1.

Partner Benefits

  • Low-cost access to significant physical and intellectual resources
  • Application of analytical concepts and principles to increase capacity, productivity and sustainability
  • Idea generation of alternate analytics solutions
  • Facilitation of strategic alliances
  • Practical solutions, recommendations, and hands-on assistance

Get Involved

To begin the process of adding value to your business, please email a brief description of the work, or area of work, you are looking to have completed and when you would like us to begin. You will be contacted within 24 hours.

Phone: 416.415.5000 extension 6954
Location: The Centre for Business, 200 King St. E., The Analytics Hub,Toronto, Ontario, M5W 3A8