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Check out the inspiring and successful career paths of people just like you. Find out how George Brown helped these former students achieve their career goals.

Advanced Diploma

Business Administration Program (without Work Experience) / (with Work Experience)

Gokben Koprucu

R&D Formulation Development Technician, Biolab Pharma

"[George Brown's] Business Program has given me an insight into different aspects of a business. Professors know how automation, new technology and other forces transform the global workforce and teach you what the employers are actually looking for. This program helped me to complement my technical expertise with a greater breadth of commercial understanding.

I highly recommend this program to those who like to be a valuable asset in a range of functions and industries."

Dan Reilly

Graduate, 2011

Dan graduated from the Business Administration Program in 2011 and was hired on by the college as a Senior Project Manager. Dan's sense of discovery and open mind led him to the successful career he enjoys today.

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Business Administration – International Business Program (without Work Experience) / (with Work Experience)

Giovanni Gonzalez

Graduate, 2006

"I really valued the hands-on training and meaningful learning experience I received from the Business Administration program."

Giovanni's understanding of the positive impacts global investment and international business development can have on a community was instilled in him at a young age. Originally from the Philippines, he often tells a story from his family's hometown by way of example. "TIMEX set up an outpost factory and headquarters in the area where my family was from," he says. "It changed the community and the city as a whole. I thought it was a noble profession: to use business methodologies to empower a country, a region, a people, and provide them opportunities."

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Graduate Certificate

Analytics for Business Decision Making Program (Postgraduate)

Kishawna Peck

Graduate, 2016

"I was searching for a program that was hands on and taught by instructors who have worked in the field. George Brown provided all these things and was the only program I could find that had a business focus and hands-on learning with analytics."

Kishawna Peck embodies the success story that all college hopefuls dream about—she is that intern who did so well that it turned into a job.

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