Alumni Stories

Advanced Diploma

Business Administration – Human Resources Program (without Work Experience) / (with Work Experience)

Henry Guerreiro

Graduate, 2015

"George Brown changed my life—because of George Brown I was able to work for one of the biggest media companies in the country, and I was able to land my dream job today-working for a well-known fashion brand."

Henry Guerreiro has landed his dream job working as an Employee Relations Coordinator at retailer H&M Canada. He credits his training at George Brown College for helping him get there.

Graduating in 2015 with an advanced diploma in Business Administration – Human Resource Management, Guerreiro's career trajectory had already taken him from a role as manager at staffing firm Robert Half, through progressive roles as HR administrator then HR coordinator at national publishing company Postmedia Inc.

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Graduate Certificate

Human Resources Management Program (Postgraduate)

Robert Forsyth

Graduate, 2012

"We got to work on HR information management systems that showed us a sneak peek of what we'd be working on once we finished the program. Plenty of the software and interview tools I use at work every day today."

The inspiration for Robert Forsyth's career plans stemmed from his part-time experience working in customer service at Future Shop.

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Divya Mishra

Graduate, 2012

"In researching programs, I found that organizations like to hire George Brown College students."

Divya Mishra is well-acquainted with the ins and outs of changing career plans. Not just because she works in the field of human resources, but because before starting out at George Brown College, she herself had gone through the experience, twice.

Soon after studying zoology and biology at the University of Lucknow, India and graduating with a bachelor of science, she went on to work in customer care at an American Express outlet close to home.

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Kyle Craig and Cody Craig

Graduates, 2010

"Pay attention to what your instructors are trying to convey." 

North Bay-born twins Kyle (top) and Cody Craig have done most things together. They moved to Toronto together to study architecture at the University of Toronto, both decided a year into the program that they'd rather pursue a career in another field, and both were immediately interested in the sociology courses they were taking.

"It was just more interesting to learn about the personal side of things - the way we learn and are socialized," says Cody. Moreover, they were keen on finding a career path that had them working with people rather than sitting behind a drafting table. "We thought about what kind of job would really allow us to manage the resources of human capital," says Kyle. After completing a Bachelor of Arts, the two enrolled in George Brown College's Human Resources Management post-graduate program to specialize in the field.

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Paul Leckey

Graduate, 2010

I love what I do, and the skills I acquired at George Brown were the perfect leverage into this industry."

Since graduating with a Post-Graduate Certificate in Human Resources Management two years ago, Paul Leckey has rapidly built a career as a corporate headhunter in the financial services sector.

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Katherine Duffy

Graduate, 2009

"I was drawn to the co-op placement and hands-on experience at George Brown, plus the program offered courses like Project Management that just weren't available elsewhere."

Performance reviews don't have to be a drag! Learn about a George Brown Human Resources Management grad who is changing the workplace as we know it by helping her company create social networking business tools that are so innovative, even Facebook is impressed.

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Paul Koshy

Graduate, 2007

"I got all the real-world skills and hands-on experience that I could ask for. A lot of the skills that I learned at George Brown during my program were very transferable. We were practicing what we might actually do in the real world as if we were working for an organization already and expected to do these things."

Co-op is also one of the biggest elements in any one of these postgraduate programs. They had a real focus on building those relationships with employers. I did my co-op at the Metropolitan Hotel in downtown Toronto. I spent about five months there, working as their HR Coordinator and it was an incredible experience."

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