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Where can I park around campus?

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Public parking lots are available in close proximity to the College.

Parking at Casa Loma Campus

There are three parking lots available at Casa Loma:
  • Lot A (475 MacPherson Ave.)
  • Lot B (9 Bridgeman Ave.)
  • Lot C (35 Bridgeman Ave.)
These lots are available for daily, occasional, and monthly use.

Daily parkers must complete payment through HONK, the college’s provider for tap and mobile payment processing for parking, or through a pay terminal in the applicable lot. Please note that for those parkers choosing to pay through a terminal, the proof-of-receipt must be displayed in the front window of your vehicle.

Parking at St. James Campus

There are several Green P and public parking lots around the St. James campus. Please visit Parkopedia to explore parking options.

There is one reserved parking lot available at St. James (Lot R, 230 Richmond Street East). This lot is reserved for occasional and monthly use. This lot is also available for special requests by contacting Parking Services (

Parking at Waterfront Campus

Daily parking is available at 51 Dockside Drive, operated by Green P. Limited monthly passes are available for 51 Dockside Drive.

Please visit Parkopedia to explore additional parking options around the Waterfront campus.

Other Parking and Transit Options

All our campuses are serviced by the Toronto Transit Commission.

We offer dedicated bicycle parking at all our campuses. Learn more about bike parking and sustainable transportation options.

Daily Green P parking is available at The George Student Residence.

Permit Parking

George Brown College has contracted Unit Park to manage occasional and monthly parking permits. To request a permit, please complete the Parking Permit Registration webform.

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