Sustainable Transportation

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As part of the Green Team’s efforts to reduce the College’s transportation carbon footprint, we want to actively support energy efficient modes of transportation such as public transit, bicycle commuting, walking, and carpooling.

The following resources will inform you of ways to choose a more sustainable mode of transportation that is healthier and better for the planet. -- It also offers you a chance to save time and money, while reducing stress, traffic congestion and pollution.

For more information about any of these sustainable transportation initiatives, contact: Stephanie Foster

Activate Your Commute!

Give your car the day off by walking or cycling to campus with the Activate Your Commute Walking and Cycling program. Track your walking and cycling and see how you can reduce your carbon footprint and other environmental impacts. 

To help you plan your bicycle trip, take advantage of the following resources:

Bike Map - Casa Loma Campus
Bike Map - St James Campus
Bike Map - Waterfront Campus
Bike Map - Young Centre for the Performing Arts

Take the TTC to Work!

Leaving your car at home even one day a week can make a difference, to the environment, to your pocketbook (save on gas and car maintenance) and to your sanity (use the time to catch up on your reading or listen to your favorite podcast).

The TTC is encouraging customers to make cycling a part of their transit journey:

  • Nearly all subway stations have bicycle parking (post-and-ring and/or multi-bicycle racks) on-site or close by.
  • All TTC buses (except Wheel-Trans and Community Buses) have bike racks so that you can bring your bike with you on your journey.
  • Or check out one of the new Bicycle stations located at Union and Victoria Park Stations, with more to come. They are secure indoor parking facilities for bikes, protected with 24 hour video surveillance, they provide safe, long-term parking to protect your bicycle against theft, vandalism and bad weather.