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Participation is easy and rewarding. All you need to do is sign up for the raffle. Just fill out the form below with a few key details. This will not only enter you into our monthly raffle but also keep you in the loop with all things Alumni Relations!

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By participating in the George Brown College Alumni Raffle, you're not just entering for a chance to win exciting prizes each month. You're also opening the door to a world of benefits:

  • Exclusive Monthly Newsletters: Receive our monthly newsletters loaded with career insights, personal development tips, and irresistible alumni deals.
  • Stay Connected: No matter where life's journey takes you, you'll remain connected to the George Brown College community.
  • Join a Thriving Network: Become a part of a dynamic network of alumni who are making waves across diverse fields.

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Thank you for becoming a part of the raffle excitement. Please keep in mind that we'll reach out only to verified alumni winners. 


Feel free to get in touch with our dedicated Alumni Relations team at alumni@georgebrown.ca. We're here to assist you.