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Welcome to startGBC Entrepreneur Showcase. GBC has an incredible network of talented entrepreneurs. Read more about them below.

Are you an alumnus of George Brown College? Do you operate your own business? Apply to join the showcase below.

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Juan Felipe Gutierrez

Juan Felipe Gutierrez

About Juan Felipe

Juan Felipe Gutierrez
Unmanned AV Inc.
​​​​​​Hotel Ops Management and Digital Video Editing, 2019

Our mission is to help bring creative marketing visions to life through impactful storytelling, branding, and video production. We work collaboratively with businesses to help them discover and achieve their marketing goals.

“Focus on consistency and gradual improvement instead of what is missing. ​​​”- Juan Felipe Gutierrez

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Emily Clairoux

Emily Clairoux

About Emily

Emily Clairoux
Eagle Woman Arts
Community Worker, 2019

My name is Emily and I am an artist from the Algonquins of Pikwàkanagàn First Nation, and I am of Anishinaabe and French descent.

My brand is called Eagle Woman Arts after my traditional name. Beading has been such a strong part of my healing journey. I love to spend my time creating colourful unique pieces, and sharing my craft with the community.

I have facilitated leather mitten making, as well as beading workshops with several organizations, private businesses, and individuals. Please get in touch with me if you are interested in mitten or beading workshops.

I want to utilize this platform to share my work and initiatives and empower my community.

To reconnect with my traditional language, I have chosen to use Algonquin words to name the pieces in my collections. In this way, I am taking it slow to try and understand the words of my ancestors.

I have studied at Toronto School of Art and Centennial College in their Fine Arts Diploma Program and the Community Worker Program at George Brown College. My real education came from finding myself through reclaiming my identity and remembering what it means to be Anishinaabe Kwe.

Be true to yourself and create something meaningful.”- Emily Clairoux

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Martin Reid

Martin Reid

About Martin

Martin Reid
Reid's Distillery
Mixology, 2018

After a lengthy career in Financial services as a senior executive Martin decided to venture out and start his own business. A visit to his daughter in England exposed him to the world of gin. After much discussion with his three kids they launched Reid's Distillery in Toronto as Canada's premier Gin Distillery. Launching in May of 2019 they stick handled through COVID winning many awards for their gins and becoming one of the largest independent gin distilleries in Ontario. Developing Reid's Distillery into not just a production facility but one of Toronto's great event spaces in the city of Toronto with nights of Gin and Jazz, Tours, Cocktail making classes, Weddings and Afternoon Tea. Reid's has also been able to support George Brown and its students through tours and educational events at the distillery.

“Be comfortable being uncomfortable. It's important to make lots of mistakes but make sure they are for the right reasons. Make sure they are because you are stretching and learning and trying new things. And make sure they are not mistakes that will sink the business. ”- Martin Reid

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Roc Chow

Roc Chow

About Roc

Roc Chow
Generatr Inc. (Panda Charging)
T146 Electromechanical Engineering, 2016

Generatr Inc. - Bridging Innovation in IoT Between China and Canada

At Generatr Inc., we are driven by a mission to facilitate collaboration between businesses in China and Canada, particularly in the dynamic realm of the Internet of Things (IoT). With a decade of expertise in the IoT sector, we offer unparalleled consulting services to both sides of the globe, fostering cross-border partnerships and technological advancements.

There will be always a way to help others live a better life. ​​​​​”- Roc Chow

Raquel Fox

Raquel Fox

About Raquel

Raquel Fox
Island Gurl Foods
Culinary Arts, 2016

Raised by farmers and fishermen in The Bahamas, Chef Raquel Fox has been a proponent of local produce for most of her life. Eating from the land is a way a life in the Caribbean, and since arriving in Canada, she’s been thrilled to share this same philosophy with consumers through her work with farmers associations across the country.

But her work doesn’t stop there. A fierce advocate for Caribbean culture, Chef Fox is steadfast in creating opportunities for island cuisine to shine in international markets and uses her status as a culinary expert on some of Canada’s most popular morning TV programs to ensure viewers across the country learn something new every time she’s on screen. Her line of Island Gurl Foods sauces, available in Loblaws groceries nationwide, and her development of the Caribbean Course at George Brown College are extensions of her passion for the tropical region she calls home.

A vibrant personality who received the Waterfront Award of Excellence for Culinary Arts in 2023 and the Top 25 Canadian Immigrant Award in 2022, Raquel is a star whose light continues to lead the way forward.

“Your name is your brand; maintain its integrity with STAA Power:

S - Self Definition

T - Transparency

A - Authenticity

A- Accountability"

- Raquel Fox

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Jane Souralaysack

Jane Souralaysack

About Jane

Jane Souralaysack
Financial Planning, 2018

At SwapWear, we believe self-express helps us find our best selves, and having more options shouldn’t come at a cost to our environment. That’s why we’re building an ecosystem of modular art panels, jackets, and more, encouraging sustainable self-expression. We work with artists from across the globe to produce art, and each panel sale supports the artist.

Thanks to our circular approach to fashion and art, we embrace your ever-changing styles while reducing waste.

“Always get feedback, one small sentence can make a huge impact.​​​​​​- Jane Souralaysack

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Gianmarco Sinisi

Gianmarco Sinisi

About Gianmarco

Gianmarco Sinisi
Systems By Orukana
Bachelor of Commerce, 2022

An all in one marketing software and service company, with a focus on three main main marketing principles. Customer generation, customer cultivation and customer conversion.

Using a combination of paid advertising and our SBO marketing software, we are able to bridge the gaps between the three facets outlined above (generation, cultivation and conversion).

“Fail often and never give up”- Gianmarco Sinis

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Vino Braham

Vino Braham

About Vino

Vino Braham
Starski Promotions Inc.
Information Systems Business Analysis, 2019

Starski Promotions is a small business based in Scarborough, Ontario. We specialize in custom prints and graphics for clothing, accessories, and many other promotional items. We’re passionate about design and strive to create unique and eye-catching visuals that will get people talking.

“Embrace failure as a stepping stone to success. Learn, adapt, and persist in the face of challenges. Your resilience will fuel your entrepreneurial journey”- Vino Braham

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Kim Bean



Kim Bean


Certificate Waxing & IPL Hair Removal, 2019

Certificate Business for Estheticians, 2019

Certificate Nail Technician Program, 2019

Certificate Social Media Marketing, 2020

Certificate Cyber Security Management 2023

whatsbeanHappening is an e-commerce brand specializing in beauty, fashion, and sustainable lifestyle products, created by Kim Bean.

Kim Bean is a professional hair & markup artist, nail tech and digital creator ( of a beauty, fashion and lifestyle brand (based in North Bay, Ontario, Canada).

Kim offers luxury hair styling, makeup and esthetic services for film, television, weddings and all of life's special occasions.  She also teaches cosmetology, social media marketing, content strategy and brand awareness courses to people of all ages in North America and the United Kingdom.

Always up-to-date with the hottest trends and committed to creating a unique look for each and every client, Kim guarantees you will feel flawless, happy and confident with your customized look and product choices.  

Kim also offers online (and in-person) masterclasses for those wanting to learn how to do their own hair and makeup. 

Advice for other budding entrepreneurs? "Prepare for the job you want. Find the confidence to network and know when to ask for help. If you stay focused and have the right attitude, you will succeed".





Joelle Jacqueline


Joelle Jacqueline

Couler Consulting

Certificate Instruction Adults, Workforce Development & Training, 2015

Couler Consulting is a business development solutions company, with a mission to Build Better Businesses. They partner with their clients to help develop business ideas, establish their business foundation and/or scale up business operations.

Their services range from conducting a business needs assessment to writing the business plan, conducting brainstorming sessions to creating strategic action plans. They also offer low-touch mentorship, up to, full-time functional support and execution.

They apply Project Management methodologies with a focus on the 4Ps: People, Process, Profit and Planet - to bring businesses to life. Their passion is seeing people’s ideas become (successful) realities.

To learn more, visit and use code "startGBC23"

Advice to other budding entrepreneurs? "The path to, and through, entrepreneurship is different for everyone. Find your tribe and forge your own path. What's the worse that can happen"?





Emefa Kuadey

Emefa Kuadey

About Emefa

Emefa Kuadey
israella KOBLA
Fashion Techniques and Design – 2019 Graduate

Launched in 2019 by British-born Ghanaian designer Emefa Kuadey, the women’s ready-to-wear clothing and accessories brand redefines minimalism through structure and bold femininity. israella KOBLA was created for the confident woman with a distinct sense of style. She stands out, effortlessly.

Inspiration for the Toronto-based brand comes from a juxtaposition of the designer’s interests; fashion and a past life as a civil engineer. israella KOBLA pieces highlight an appreciation for architecture and timeless design. Ultimately, the goal is to redefine the way we look at minimalism and modern fashion.

“Get comfortable talking about your business or project – you never know who might be interested or able to help you further your venture.” – Emefa Kuadey


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Ryan Bornstein

Ryan Bornstein

About Ryan

Ryan Bornstein
Ground Up Constructing
Building Renovation Technology Program, 2008

Ryan is a dynamic entrepreneur who turned his passion into a business by creating a brand that has garnered respect within the industry.

Ground Up Constructing is a full-service contracting firm that provides an innovative and professional approach to planning, designing and building residential or commercial spaces across the Greater Toronto Area. From bathrooms, basements, and kitchens to full home renovations, Ground Up Constructing is there to help. The team of experts at Ground Up Constructing has completed hundreds of projects ranging from home to commercial renovations. Their diverse portfolio of projects and years of experience is strengthened by a solid reputation for quality workmanship, reliability, and competitive pricing. Ryan and his team are equipped and prepared to transform any space.

Mentorship is emerging as one of the most critical elements in workforce development in the trades and technical sector. Ryan can provide practical instruction through clear and collaborative communication and allowing the learner to take the lead in goal setting for their learning.

“I would strongly recommend working for a company to learn all the subtleties of operating a business, this way, one can learn and earn while developing the critical skills needed to run a company.” – Ryan Bornstein

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Betsy Campos

Betsy Campos

About Betsy

Betsy Campos
Unika Swimwear
Fashion Techniques and Design, 2016

  • Founding a business
  • Building a brand from the ground up
  • Where to invest in your business
  • Leveraging your network into net worth
  • Applying for grants
  • Media exposure
  • Importance of perfecting your craft
  • How to start a brand with limited funding

“Find something you want to do, perfect it – then be the best at it. ” – Betsy Campos

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Erin Gamelin

Erin Gamelin

About Erin

Erin Gamelin
Stout Irish Pub
Business-Marketing, 2000

With a passion for and a history in business, hospitality and craft beer, it was a natural evolution to open up my first restaurant. I had a five-year plan to get prepared for our first pub, Stout Irish. Upon opening, we hit our sales and profit targets every year. By the end of year 2, we were already starting to plan the opening of Louis Cifer Brew Works. Within 2 years, we hit that target. Our experience and dedicated planning are what have continued to make our businesses successful and sustainable in this competitive marketplace.
25 years in the Restaurant and Hospitality Business.
8 years owning, operating and managing Stout Irish Pub.
3.5 years owning, operating and managing Louis Cifer Brew Works.
Ontario Craft Beer Association awards for numerous beers that we produce.
Honours diploma in Business Marketing.
2 years as president of the American Marketing Awards Chapter for Toronto.
Regular Business Program, Hospitality and Tourism and Entrepreneur Program lecturer at George Brown College and Ryerson University.
Opening management team member for the original Bier Markt on the Esplanade, Jack Astor's downtown, The Keg on Yonge and Eglinton
Numerous personal beer awards and regional competitions with Oland Brewery.



Daniel Janetos

Daniel Janetos

About Daniel

Daniel Janetos

Cereal Entrepreneur.

I have successfully failed at a number of concepts within the hospitality industry to understand business models, market share, cash flow, and each of the segments of a successful business, including forming a business, raising money, recruitment, operations, marketing, sales, procedural development and all things culinary.

Having extensive experience on national television, personal branding and building a lifestyle business is also relevant to my experience.

“Fail fast, work hard and be persistent.” – Daniel Janetos

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Navid Momeni

Navid Momeni

About Navid

Navid Momeni
Bachelor of Applied Business in Hospitality and Tourism, 2011

Connect with me to learn more about what I have to offer in the areas of:

  • B2B Sales Operations & Leadership
  • Driving Business and Revenue Growth
  • Pipeline Analytics
  • Client Retention & Satisfaction
  • Communication & Correspondence
  • Sales Pitches & Presentations
  • Cross-Selling & Upselling
  • Team Collaboration
  • Leadership & Mentoring
  • Sales & Client Management
  • Performance Assessment
  • Software Sales

“The critical ingredient of being a real entrepreneur is less talking and more doing. It’s as simple as that. So many people have “genius” ideas, but there are a few who decide to do something about them now. Enjoy the process and ignore shortcuts for success. Do that TODAY. The true entrepreneur is a doer, not a talker.” – Navid Momeni

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Alex Rushdy

Alex Rushdy

About Alex

Alex Rushdy
13AM Games, Inc.
Game Design, 2014

Alex is CEO and Creative Director of 13AM Games, one of Toronto’s top independent video game studios. Alex specializes in business development, project management, pitching, and startup strategy.

“A business is made of people. If you and your team aren’t happy and healthy, how can you expect your business to be?” – Alex Rushdy

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Dan Perdue

Dan Perdue

About Dan

Dan Perdue
Level 12
Business – Accounting, 1986

Dan Perdue is the President of LEVEL 12, a successful entrepreneur and a leading expert in developing high-performing people. His strategies in management consulting, training and coaching have been successfully utilized by clients such as Google, Facebook, Pepsico, Nestle, The Home Depot and a 2018 Winter Olympian. He is trained and certified in Neuro Associative Conditioning (NAC), which is the science of success conditioning and one of the most powerful strategies for conditioning your mind and emotions to behave in ways that will consistently lead you in the direction of your goals. Dan’s approach is to challenge you…physically, mentally and emotionally while giving you LEVEL 12 strategies & the ongoing support needed to succeed.

“Being an entrepreneur is more than just starting a business, it’s a mindset, a passion, and a sense of purpose that drives you!” – Dan Perdue

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Javtesh Singh

Javtesh Singh

About Javtesh

Javtesh Singh
Entrepreneurship Management, 2022

Never forget your items behind! Keep track of your items before leaving home, office or hotel. Never forget items such as earphones, chargers or ID cards behind.

Are you someone who frequently forgets things behind? Would you like to eliminate the stress of remembering things you need to buy from the store and carry during travelling?
If that is the case, Leav is designed to help you remember things that are important to you. With Leav, you can create travel essentials checklist, to-do list, shopping list, grocery list, work items list, gym list and daily notes list to carry everything you need with you.

Get Leav: Travel Packing List Maker now! Now on App store.

“Today, there are millions of dreamers per thousand of doers. The world need not the dreamers, nor it demand the doers. It needs the dreamers who are the doers.” – Javtesh Singh

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Paul Rowan

Paul Rowan

About Paul

Paul Rowan
Graphic Design, 1974

Portfolio review, Entrepreneurship, Design Management, Branding, Design Career counselling.

“In disruptive times, there are great opportunities.” – Paul Rowan

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Amy Symington

Amy Symington

About Amy

Amy Symington
Amelia Eats
Culinary Management Nutrition, 2010

Amy Symington, MSc. is a nutrition professor, research associate and plant-based chef at George Brown College in Toronto, Canada. She runs the culinary nutrition programming at Gilda’s Club Greater Toronto, a not-for-profit organization for those touched by cancer and does recipe development and food writing for various publications in Toronto. Amy believes in the evidence-based health and environmental benefits of plant-based diets and is the recent author of The Long Table Cookbook: Plant-based recipes for optimal health.

“Never underestimate the power of good nutritious food, a strong moral compass, the ability to listen, sincerity and good old fashioned hard work. These are the building blocks for a successful entrepreneur.” – Amy Symington

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Ramkumar Arunamoorthy

Ramkumar Arunamoorthy

About Ramkumar

Ramkumar Arunamoorthy
GDG Cloud Toronto
Information System Business Analysis, 2013

Technology Space:
Key Skills:

  • Ram brings more than 12 Years of Techno-Functional experience in different business domains and technologies.
  • Bridging the gap between Business units and technical teams from a 360-degree perspective. Business Objective over departmental priorities.
  • Process Improvement Consultant – Assessing the Current state of business and streamlining cross-functional department objectives for operational efficiency.
  • Training the trainer experience on both process and technology.

Professional Associations:

  • Founder and Organizer of GDG Cloud Toronto – An Official chapter of Google.
  • Alumni Mentor of Computer Technology Course at George Brown College.

Ram’s Education Background:

  • Certified Blockchain Professional from York University.
  • Strategic Leadership Certificate from Schulich University.
  • Honours – Post-Graduate in Information systems Business Analysis at George Brown.
  • Honours – Bachelor of Engineering in Information Technology.
  • IIBA Certified in Business Analysis

Leadership & Professional Achievements:

  • Walk the Talk Leadership Award at Ontario Trillium Foundation.
  • One of the First Recipients of the Michael Cooke Leadership Award.
  • Excellence in Research and Innovation Badge Award – Research and Innovation from GBC.
  • Dean’s Certificate of Recognition – Dean, Centre for Construction and Engineering Technologies
  • IBM Mainframe Technology Specialization Topper

“Technology for everyone.” – Ramkumar Arunamoorthy​​​​​​

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Diana Coatsworth

Diana Coatsworth

About Diana

Diana Coatsworth
Diana Coatsworth Design
Fashion and Design Techniques, Fashion/Apparel Design, 2015

Specializing in outstanding, sustainable fashion. DCD mixes handmade, preloved, curated vintage & quality, upcycled fabrics to create one-of-a-kind eco-friendly fashion you’ll love for years to come.

“Once you understand that there’s no overnight success or quantum leaps in business; but many, many small & consistent daily steps towards realizing a vision, will you succeed.” – Diana Coatsworth

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Janine Kwok

Janine Kwok

About Janine

Janine Kwok
Design Management, 2021

AUTO is a community-based approach to healthcare. Addressing those living with chronic illness. Currently, AUTO is a clothing and lifestyle brand raising funds and awareness around the effects of auto-immune disease. Funds raised from sales are donated to charities such as; Lupus Ontario, Diabetes Canada and more.

AUTO is currently in production of becoming a socially charged app that addresses isolation when dealing with chronic illness. AUTO reaches those dealing with similar symptoms and connects them to share information and create lasting relationships.

“Don’t Give Up, Kid!” – Janine Kwok

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Tom Cordeiro

Tom Cordeiro

About Tom

Tom Cordeiro

eRenovate is a home-grown Canadian company founded by homeowners who’ve experienced real ‘renovation let-downs’. For that very reason, we’re thrilled to provide peace of mind to those improving their cherished homes with the eRenovate Guarantee.

FACT: Only eRenovate stands behind our Pros, so you’re Protected. Every Pro must pass our strict vetting process to be Bonded by eRenovate™, and only they can offer you the eRenovate Guarantee; $25,000 Deposit Protection and 88-Day Workmanship Guarantee!

You want to hire trustworthy Pros, and they want to be trusted. Today eRenovate proudly connects you to a most trustworthy environment.

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Burak Ozsoy

Burak Ozsoy

About Burak

Burak Ozsoy
Pass The Syrup
Culinary Management, 2018

Pass the Syrup is a dessert shop in Fort York selling handcrafted ice cream and Waffle Pops. We provide our customers with great quality goods. Come check us out for some out-of-the-world sorbets!

“Be determined, work hard and take action.” Burak Ozsoy

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Beckee Kavanagh

Beckee Kavanagh

About Beckee

Beckee Kavanagh
Paper & Poste
Graphic Design, 2008

Paper & Poste is a Toronto-based stationery studio focused primarily on wedding stationery and specializing in letterpress and eye-catching design. Having been in business for eight years, Paper & Poste has become the go-to for high-level clients seeking elevated invitations for their events. Their design expertise and notable style have been sought out by multiple celebrity clients, both wedding & corporate, and are well-trusted by the country’s leading event planners. Paper & Poste has received accolades from a number of publications, winning 2019 Stationer of the Year at the Weddingbells Canadian Wedding Awards, and has been featured in the prestigious WedLuxe Magazine countless times for their contributions to styled shoots and real weddings. Most recently, they appeared on The VIP Collective podcast as stationery experts in their field and will be speaking to planners and photographers at an upcoming Revel Sessions conference regarding the importance of stationery details in the event industry. At Paper & Poste, our small team of 4 continue to push the creative restrictions on the traditional wedding invitation, eager to create innovative designs that strike that elusive balance between timeless and trendy.

“To keep your business relevant and ahead of the curve, you have to continue to explore and introduce new innovations and ideas in your industry that excite your potential clients.” – Beckee Kavanagh

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Monah Water

Monah Water

About Monah

Monah Water
Majestic Wisdom & Eloquent Expressions
Fashion Exchange – Industrial Power Sewing, 2015

Majestic Wisdom is an African-inspired handcrafted premium lifestyle brand with a creative cultural edge.
Eloquent Expressions is a dynamic professional design and communications agency that distinctively crafts and strengthens the brand voice and image of creative, purpose-driven brands and organizations.

“Having vision to see beyond limitations, faith to believe beyond possibilities, and courage to tread beyond what’s familiar has helped me remain driven in entrepreneurship.” – Monah Water

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Jeremy Wang

Jeremy Wang

About Jeremy

Jeremy Wang
Advanced Machining for U of T Engineering, 2015

The world’s first regional cargo airline with fully autonomous aircraft – better service, better rates, and no pilots.

“A start-up’s only real advantage is speed. So listen to your customer, be reliable, be fast.”- Jeremy Wang

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Urvish Patel

Urvish Patel

About Urvish

Urvish Patel
Orbit 5 Inc.
Computer Programmer Analyst – 2021

Orbit 5 was created to give a positive spin to the way career development is presented to students. We are here to disrupt and change the negative language that is used around all things career. We refuse to tell our students that job searching is daunting. We refuse to tell our students that writing a LinkedIn profile or a resume is tedious. We refuse to tell our students that networking and job interviews are intimidating.

Through our work, our students realize that building their profiles and documents are great opportunities for reflection and self-discovery, that networking is empowering, and that interviewing is fascinating. We are bringing the fun and the good vibes to the career spectrum so you can thrive and shine.

Community of Support
When Covid hit, we built a global community of international students based in 4 different continents where every Monday, we gathered around webinars via Zoom to support each other, root for one another, and share our struggles and victories while navigating times of uncertainty. The triumph of one of our members is always a win for the entire community.

Disruptive Fun
Our students love us because, unlike everyone else, we don’t make them fear the job search, and we don’t use negative adjectives to describe the experience. The work they do with us makes them see the process as a fun opportunity that leads to self-discovery, growth, and skill set upgrade by exposing them to actionable tips they implement to thrive in their endeavours.

Exponential Transformation
Nothing brings us more joy than seeing the transformation that our students experience when taking part in our programs. They go from lost and confused to confident and laser-focused! Our students increase their self-awareness and embrace the best elements from their upbringing and culture and make them play to their advantage to stand out and add value to the places they work at.

“Empowered people make other people empowered” – Urvish Patel


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Halley Requena-Silva

Halley Requena-Silva

About Halley

Halley Requena-Silva
HRS Photography, Productions in the 6ix
Business Administration 2010, Digital Photography 2016

We are a Media based company in Toronto, Canada. We love to capture milestone moments and tell your story. The love we have for our home city inspires our work. We have also travelled internationally, capturing daily life, milestone moments, events and newborn photography & videography.

“Sky is the limit” – Halley Requena-Silva

Email HRS Photography:

Email Productions in the 6ix:

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Maryanne McMullen

Maryanne McMullen

About Maryanne

Maryanne McMullen, Founder and CEO
The Next Music Generation
Psychology Program 2021

The Next Music Generation (TMNG) Entertainment brand allows you to showcase your musical talent and prowess. It is no news that The Next Music Generation (TNMG) aims to serve as a stepping stone for the upcoming talented artists all around the world, seeking to showcase what they are made of, in other words, their musical talent. The Next Music Generation (TMNG) allows talented artists to work with the best musical crews ranging from music producers, DJs and other great minds in the artistic fields, to groom your musical talents to become the best in The Next Music Generation Band.

Be open to learning, pivot with the times, never be afraid to fail and seek advice if you don’t understand something. Always remember the proverbial phrase, “when life gives you lemons, make lemonade.”


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Benjamin Redhill-Simard

Benjamin Redhill-Simard

About Benjamin

Benjamin Redhill-Simard
Of The Hills
Fashion Management, 2021

Of The Hills is a brand dedicated to giving you a taste of Toronto, using iconic scenes of the City printed on his pieces. The brand’s vision is to create streetwear for everywhere, creating a seamless experience with what you wear and how you choose to wear it. Designed and run in Toronto by Ben Redhill-Simard, Of The Hills Clothing creates streetwear for everywhere. Ben’s current collections draw from the streets of Toronto and beyond, bringing the colours and the pulse of the city to life in affordable fashion.

“Be patient and accept failure as a lesson, not a result.” – Benjamin Redhill-Simard

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Deborah King

Deborah King

About Deborah

Deborah King
Global Measure Inc
Sustainable Fashion Production, 2020

Global Measure is a social enterprise focused on connecting sustainable and ethical fashion brands with consumers. We help measure, validate and certify responsible fashion, giving bragging rights to responsible brands and purchases. Our ‘Brand Search’ portal helps consumers quickly find sustainable brands and validate the authenticity of certified product.

“Stop being your own biggest obstacle. The world is waiting for your passion and creativity!” – Deborah King

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Chris Palivan

Chris Palivan

About Chris

Chris Palivan
Toronto Cider Festival
Special Events Planning Diploma, 2014

Chris is the Co-Founder and an Executive Director at the Toronto Cider Festival, responsible for business and partnership development, strategic planning, and operational execution. Having started his hospitality career as an immigrant and a humble dishwasher eager to grow, Chris’ appetite for having an impact on the world has led him to experience a meteoric rise in his ability to contribute to areas that matter most to him. This has led him to collaborate with some of the world’s most prolific events, such as TIFF, the Pan Am Games and the Commonwealth Games, all while continuing his entrepreneurial endeavours. As a family man, adventurer and world traveller, Chris’ commitment to living a life of purpose and contribution are seen through his leadership and influence in the Toronto Cider Festival.

Chris’ desire to uplift the communities that he is involved in can be best seen in his commitment to empowering future generations. This has been shown through his philanthropic endeavours, various mentorship and speaking engagements, the Event Management George Brown College Scholarship he established, and the countless of students, volunteers and interns he has welcomed under his leadership.

Chris continues to provide support and guidance for anyone who seeks his counsel on how to overcome obstacles, build on ideas, and bring value to the world. As a serial entrepreneur in the hospitality, events and tourism sector, Chris is a beacon of light for anyone who seeks to be empowered in their journey.

“There is no greater purpose in life than to live a life of meaning and contribution. When you align your purpose with service, your business becomes an incredible vehicle to deliver that which you want to have. Lead with the heart, and execute with the mind is the recipe for success” – Chris Palivan

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Marina Stathakis

Marina Stathakis

About Marina

Marina Stathakis
Damaged In Darkness
Digital Media Marketing, 2021

At Damaged in Darkness, we bridge the gap between the digital world, mental health awareness and human connection, with the overall intention of making a positive social impact.

“The biggest advice I would give to aspiring entrepreneurs is just try something because you never know if you don’t try. I think it’s important to trust in yourself and your vision. In the beginning, sometimes people won’t understand your vision, you might feel alone, or you might question your own idea. Always trust yourself, and rely on people that support you and give you proper constructive criticism. It might be scary at first, but discomfort is where true growth happens.” – Marina Stathakis

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Luis Padilla

Luis Padilla

About Luis

Luis Padilla
Fashion Techniques and Design, 2017

Supramorphous is an inclusive fashion label created in 2017.
Made with sustainable practices and natural fibres of the highest quality textiles. Designed by a forward-thinking duo, Ana Carpio and Luis Padilla, fusion product and fashion design.

The brand seeks to create a connection between nature and the human being that is constantly evolving through the aesthetics of design that is expressed in each collection. The brand’s collections aim to break stereotypes that shape more open-minded persons who enjoy being part of modern society.”

“Your future is now; create with values and evolve.”- Luis Padilla


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Mike Swan

Mike Swan

About Mike

Mike Swan
My References Canada
HVAC Apprenticeship, 2016

The standard for employment references in Canada. We make it easy and convenient to request, view and send references online. We believe that everyone should be able to keep the credit for their work ethic wherever they go.

“There are only two ways of life. Living the dream or fighting for the dream.” – Mike Swan

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Suzanne Crudden

Suzanne Crudden

About Suzanne

Suzanne Crudden
flux + form

Flux + form is three intuitive designers working in a warm, inviting space and creating jewelry that shares our art and celebrates our client’s stories.

“My quote about entrepreneurship is to always do it your way. It’s good to take advice, of course, but there’s no magic path to success. Anyone who tells you there is a magic plan is trying to sell you something. Everyone will succeed in their own way”- Suzanne Crudden

Stephanie Reyes

Stephanie Reyes

About Stephanie

Stephanie Reyes
Fashion Management, 2022

Karamel Style is a brand of creative, handmade accessories. We focus on creating high-quality products and colourful designs. Our accessories are mainly made of fabrics such as satin, linen and organza that we acquire from different cities in Mexico. With our accessories, women can fix their hair, complete their outfits and, above all, feel beautiful.

“Believe in yourself and trust that you can do it. Don’t be afraid to show the world the ideas you have.” – Stephanie Reyes

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Stephanie Duong

Stephanie Duong

About Stephanie

Stephanie Duong
Roselle Desserts
Baking & Pastry Arts, 2011

Roselle Desserts is a French-inspired dessert shop operating in Toronto since 2015. We specialize in cakes, cookies, croissants, and confections.

“Go confidently in the direction of your dreams.” – Stephanie Duong

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Zhorrah Grant

Zhorrah Grant

About Zhorrah

Zhorrah Grant
Founder & CEO, Hair Granted Beauty Supply
Diploma in Child and Youth Care – 2019 Graduate

Established in 2020, Hair Granted Beauty Supply is the largest black-owned store of its kind. Stocking a vast inventory of hair products, raw hair, wigs and cosmetics, Hair Granted Beauty Supply is resetting the benchmark in customer service and satisfaction.

My one piece of advice to aspiring entrepreneurs is PLAN! PLAN! PLAN! Always write down EVERYTHING! Every idea, every thought, everything you want to accomplish. WRITE IT DOWN!! By starting a journal or a book where you can just write down your thoughts. You are doing two things, 1. You are starting to work towards your dream. 2. You are manifesting your dream. The power of the pen is a weapon like no other. Writing down your thoughts and plans can make you see things so much clearer.


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Lizelle Tucci

Lizelle Tucci

About Lizelle

Lizelle Tucci
A Mindful Collective & LIZELLE MARPA TUCCI
Registered Dental Hygienist, 1996

A Mindful Collective
Founded by Janelle Marpa of House of Marpa, Lizelle Marpa Tucci, author and wellness educator (IG), Kiki Athanas of MEbyKiki, and Ashley Parker of The Kindness Practice; we are four mindful entrepreneurs who crossed paths in our shared passion for mindfulness as a way to navigate the stressful and overwhelming demands of everyday life. Our goal; get you curious AF about mindfulness. We swear by the practice because it has CHANGED our lives, and now we’re ready to show you how YOU can use it to slowly transform the way you think and the way you live – all for the better!

With mindfulness at the heart of all we do, we provide education in a supportive space to begin and/or enrich an existing mindfulness practice. Our vision is to build a community of mindful mavens to support each other in the mission to live more mindfully, bringing meditation, positivity, manifestation and self-kindness into the mainstream through premium-curated experiences we know you will love.

Lizelle Marpa Tucci
Lizelle is a mother of three young boys, and live north of Toronto. She has been a health care educator for over fifteen years and a dedicated lifelong learner.

Lizelle started a doctorate of distance education with Athabasca University and felt overwhelmed with studies, work, and family life. She discovered the stress-reducing benefits of mindfulness and mindfulness meditation, reminding me to pause and take a breath!

She meditates with her sons daily and has noticed how this has reduced their anxiety. She has found that a regular practice allows her to pause, opening the floor to heartfelt conversations with her boys that have improved their resiliency and overall well-being.

This experience inspired her to write and self-publish a children’s bookbased on mindfulness. She hopes that her book will help parents experience the benefits of mindfulness and mindfulness meditation with their child. 
As a Dental Hygiene practitioner and educator, her discovery and practice of mindfulness and meditation has helped her understand how self-care is key to providing care for patients, managing workplace stress, and personal relationships!

She has a passion for online learning allowing access to education anytime and anywhere! Through her online and blended courses, she hopes to share her knowledge and experience with those who are curious about how mindfulness can impact their personal and professional lives.

“Be of service to others!” – Lizelle Tucci

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Justine Apple

Justine Apple

About Justine

Justine Apple
Justine Apple Photography
Digital Photography Certification, 2017

Toronto-based photograph services specialized in corporate and social events, family photography, and professional headshots.

“Don’t underestimate the power of connections. When you’re starting out, it’s not only about what you do that’s important, it’s also about who you know and the relationships you build.” – Justine Apple

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Tony Nguyen

Tony Nguyen

About Tony

Tony Nguyen
Gong Cha Danforth
Hospitality – Hotel Operations Management, 2020

We deliver the highest quality customizable beverages in the bubble tea industry to all bubble tea lovers and ones who are soon to be! #bobalover
Founded in 2006 in Taiwan, Gong Cha, which translates to “tribute tea for the emperor,” opened its doors to introduce Taiwan’s finest products to the bubble tea market. Gong cha’s success in Taiwan launched our stores all over the globe, with customers loving our premium quality tea, products & services.

“Be the best version of yourself, so you can deliver nothing but the best to others.” - Tony Nguyen

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Alanna Fleischer

Alanna Fleischer

About Alanna

Alanna Fleischer
The Edible Story
Culinary Arts-Italian & Culinary Management, 2011 & 2012

The Edible Story is a unique hospitality venue that can host events and parties as well as operate a full-service catering company on and off-site. Edible daily business consists of cooking classes, large format catering such as weddings and corporate/in-home deliveries.

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Adam Bartman

Adam Bartman

About Adam

Adam Bartman
Plumbing Techniques Program, 2012

Co-founded by a 2nd generation plumber, Reed is a start-up based in Toronto, ON, that controls and monitors water systems in commercial properties with IoT technology. Devices and fixtures are inputted into building plumbing systems that detect, conserve, track and shut off water, all remotely on an intuitive cloud dashboard. Operators can shut down riser valves remotely, properly sub-meter their properties and access real-time confirmation of hardware functionality.

“I have always loved technology. When I looked at a building, I saw that both HVAC and fire systems were connected, but the plumbing systems were not. As an entrepreneur, I had a recurring problem with water leaks and had many clients calling me to bring in a plumber + find the source of the leak. Since I had this problem, more often than not, I wanted to find a solution for it. As an entrepreneur, it is very important that you are working with a viable problem in a niche market in order to build working solutions to fix it. This way, you can help people find a solution who are in need. For the plumbing sector, I decided to attempt to fix the problem of catastrophic water leaks my clients were experiencing by building hardware and software to smarten the system up and help with things like high water consumption, leaks, floods, and more.”- Adam Bartman

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Will Tennyson

Will Tennyson

About Will

Will Tennyson
Odds And Win
Small Business Entrepreneurship, 2017

Discover the most exclusive prizes and perks from your favourite or soon-to-be favourite restaurants, shops and businesses. The fun and intuitive game let you zero in on offers to play odds and win instantly.

Simply get the app, and play to win real prizes from local restaurants, shops and businesses. The Odds mobile APP was released in October 2018 on both iOS and Android. Odds is expanding rapidly throughout Markham and Toronto, and over the coming months, Odds plans to quickly expand throughout the GTA and beyond, offering Odds players real prizes and offers from 1000s of local restaurants, shops and businesses.

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Eleonora Caldato

Eleonora Caldato

About Eleonora

Eleonora Caldato
M&B Hospitality Inc. – operating as MANGIA & BEVI resto-bar
Culinary Management, 1996

At Mangia & Bevi, the food is simple, fresh and made with honest ingredients – combined just the way they should be. The recipes come straight from Italy so do the ingredients. We also love to support our local Ontario producers and farmers.

“Persevere! You do not need to win every battle.” - Eleonora Caldato

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Bruce Lee

Bruce Lee

About Bruce

Bruce Lee
Roselle Desserts
Chef Training, 2011

Roselle Desserts is a French-inspired dessert shop that has been operating in Toronto since 2015. We specialize in cakes, cookies, and confections.

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John Baker

John Baker

About John

John Baker
Mobile Arts Programming
Child and Youth Care Practitioner, 2018

Mobile Arts Programming (MAP) brings the recording experience to you. Within the comfort of your own community setting, experienced facilitators run music workshops that explore various aspects of songwriting as a way to expand creative capacity and healthy forms of self-expression. Those skills are implemented throughout the workshop resulting in the writing and recording of a song.

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Katherine Cabrera Velasquez

Katherine Cabrera Velasquez

About Katherine

Katherine Cabrera Velasquez
Business Management, 2022

Earthfructifera is a company engaged in the export and import business. We began in 2010 in the country of Ecuador, where we owned banana, red dragon fruit, and baby banana farms. Our main goal is to commercialize fresh, premium-quality products grown in Ecuador and other countries of the region. We also strive to provide the best-personalized customer service there is. Our headquarters are located in the city of Guayaquil, and we have offices in Lima and Miami.

“The most demanding tasks bring the greatest satisfaction.” – Katherine Cabrera Velasquez


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Brian Almeida

Brian Almeida

About Brian

Brian Almeida
Find N’ Fix
Business Administration, 2009

Find N’ Fix aims to help retailers become more aware of their brand image, more specifically, their exterior signage. We incentive a team of ‘Finders’ to take pictures of signage that isn’t working properly and then report it back to the company.

“Do something you love; just start today and be grateful.”- Brian Almeida

Quest Atkinson

Quest Atkinson

About Quest

Quest Atkinson
COCO XO Chocolate
Professional Chocolatier Certificate, 2019

Quest has always had an inclination toward chocolate. Being caught countless times over the years sneaking away chocolate and giggling, she decided to study this decadent “food of the gods” and earned a Professional Chocolatier Certificate at George Brown. Quest gets intense enjoyment in preparing tasty treats for others to savour. Most of her unique products are the result of happy collaborations with regulars for custom orders. As someone who’s had a lifelong struggle with anxiety and depression, Quest started this business with the hope of creating happy moments for others. So naturally, love is at the core of COCO XO.

“Make these things your non-negotiables: learn the art of self-forgiveness, find a loved one to support and anchor you, have trust in the journey.” – Quest Atkinson

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Fidel Pena

Fidel Pena

About Fidel

Fidel Pena
Underline Studio
Graphic Design, 1995

Underline studio takes on a wide range of projects in brand, digital, corporate and marketing communications. Underline’s client list is consciously diverse, ranging from corporate and retail enterprises to media and publishing organizations, to educational and cultural institutions.

“Follow the work, not the money.”- Fidel Pena

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Maria Mendez

Maria Mendez

About Maria

Maria Mendez
Digital Media Marketing

Milou: Jewelry for everyday outfits

Welcome to MILOU, a creative space designed to showcase classic statement jewelry pieces made with polymer clay. Accessories for your everyday outfits!

“Start small and dream big.” – Maria Mendez

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Janelle Marpa

Janelle Marpa

About Janelle

Janelle Marpa
House of Marpa
Fashion Techniques & Design, 2006

The Marpa sisters, born 12 years apart- makers and curators of goods to inspire mindful living and support your mindfulness meditation practice. As a lifestyle brand, they not only create products to support a mindfulness meditation practice, they also intend to spread awareness of the benefits associated with a mindfulness practice through experiential workshops that pair everyday activities with mindfulness practices.

“Be open to opportunities to collaborate with other entrepreneurs to help each other grow.”- Janelle Marpa

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Katie Wilson

Katie Wilson

About Katie

Katie Wilson
Soul Chocolate
Professional Chocolatier Certificate, 2011

We are bean-to-bar chocolate makers. Our tiny shop in Toronto whips up single-origin chocolate bars and chocolate goods from scratch.

“Business is hard. But the opportunities in front of you are bound by your imagination. So dream big and make it happen!” – Katie Wilson

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Megan Ernst

Megan Ernst

About Megan

Megan Ernst
Megan Ernst Photography
Behavioural Science Technology, 2014

“I am a Wedding, Elopement and Engagement photographer specializing in capturing the real, the raw, the playful, and the intimate. I want to give my clients the opportunity and space to be vulnerable and free together because my best work comes from the freedom of you being themselves. I aim to capture the little touches, the way you play together and the moments of humility that make you fall even deeper in love with your person. Wandering, authentic, sentimental souls are my people.”

“Always keep hustling. A business is not built overnight.”- Megan Ernst

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Darren Sampson

Darren Sampson

About Darren

Darren Sampson
Design & Advertising

We love coming up with creative solutions for custom masks. Unique creations for business, parties, weddings, bar mitzvahs, teams, costumes, special gifts and more!

We use a variety of fabrication methods to make each mask truly unique.

  • Textile printing
  • Embroidery
  • Unique creations and fabric sourcing
  • Photo realistic fabric printing

From 1 to 5000 or more – anything is possible!

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Christopher Frazer

Christopher Frazer

About Christopher

Christopher Frazer
Now Organic Farms
Business Administration, 2019

Now Organic Farms is an organic farm company based out of Ontario, Canada. Our goal is to grow organic healing foods for you and your family that helps to fight disease, promote vibrant health and enjoy the fullness and quality of life you deserve.

“Don’t give up on your dreams, for where there is a will, there is always a way. You just have to find it and work hard towards it.” Christopher Frazer

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Wes Grove

Wes Grove

About Wes

Wes Grove
Mobile Arts Programming
Child and Youth Care Practitioner, 2018

Mobile Arts Programming (MAP) brings the recording experience to you. Within the comfort of your own community setting, experienced facilitators run music workshops that explore various aspects of songwriting as a way to expand creative capacity and healthy forms of self-expression. Those skills are implemented throughout the workshop resulting in the writing and recording of a song.

“A lot of time and hard work goes into starting your own business, but there is no better feeling than working for yourself while doing something you are passionate about. The result of passionate work is always success.” – Wes Grove

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Francis Luta

Francis Luta

About Francis

Francis Luta
Advertising Graphic Design, 2008

We are filmmakers, storytellers and image makers.

We produce documentaries, dramas, art films and corporate videos. Founded by award-winning filmmakers Francis Luta and Jeremy Benning CSC.

“Know everyone’s role.”- Francis Luta

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Salma Nadaf

Salma Nadaf

About Salma

Salma Nadaf
Post Graduate Certificate Program in International Fashion Management – 2020

MOOSE MOONRace is an online apparel brand offering cool, casual, sustainable, and gentle clothing for aficionados of pets and woods. The prints of pets, woods, and nature on casual clothing help customers express their personalities and to express love for pets and woods. These clothing are suitable for different occasions like hiking in the woods, workouts, aerobics, and daily life.

Entrepreneurship is an exciting journey that allows you to follow your passion and to serve society. Be unique, ethical, optimistic, and realistic!



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Paige Burchell

Paige Burchell

About Paige

Paige Burchell
Emma Paige Designs
Fashion Techniques and Design, 2010

Emma Paige Designs is an independent fashion brand specializing in custom bridal wear. All pieces are designed and made by hand in Toronto.

“I didn’t learn from my success but rather from my failures, as every mistake was a lesson learned and a pivot in the right direction. The journey has pushed me to unimaginable lengths, which I am forever grateful for.” - Paige Burchell

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Dymika Harte

Dymika Harte

About Dymika

Dymika Harte
Graphic Design, 2018

UNSGND is a female-powered one-stop-shop creative agency focused on building brands and creating content for small businesses, recording artists and community initiatives.

“Being an entrepreneur means you get full control of your time, but it also means you decide whether you’re going to make money or not every day”- Dymika Harte


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Kim Drosdick

Kim Drosdick

About Kim

Kim Drosdick
Flux + Form & Kim Drosdick Jewellery
Jewellery Arts, 2001

Flux + form is three intuitive designers working in a warm, inviting space and creating jewelry that shares our art and celebrates our client’s stories.

Kim Drosdick Jewellery ‘Do what you love’ is what I always say! I’m one of the lucky ones that get to do that every day. As a graduate of GBC’s Jewelry Arts program, I’m trained to work with almost every material and jewelry request imaginable. I create wearable works of art using ethically sourced and recycled materials. I love being able to reuse clients' existing jewelry to create something new and meaningful for them – I call it Re-Jewel™!

“I think if you are a successful entrepreneur, then you know that it’s the ONLY way to move through life doing what you love.”- Kim Drosdick

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Nancy Lemi

Nancy Lemi

About Nancy

Nancy Lemi
Neecee Lexy
Social Media Marketing, 2019

NEECEE LEXY is named after its CEO & Founder's nickname. It’s a business creative agency and blog based in Toronto. We offer personalized branding strategy and 360 Digital Marketing services, including (SEO Optimization, Google Ads, GMB, Microsoft and Social Media Management).

What makes Neecee Lexy exclusive – the company operates as a global publication that covers feature stories of business owners, entrepreneurs, influential figures, and artists since 217. It releases weekly feature articles and Podcasts which focus on sharing stories of outstanding entrepreneurs that are impacting today’s social media, music industry, fashion, and entertainment lifestyle. Moreover, covering stories of young upcoming or established CEOs every Thursday morning on our website There you will find hundreds of personal stories of entrepreneurs and how they started their businesses.

Furthermore, Neecee Lexy teaches aspiring entrepreneurs and small to medium businesses Digital marketing tactics and branding via videocast on YouTube:

“Believe in your creativity because that’s your greatest power.” – Nancy Lemi

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Adunni Rufai

Adunni Rufai

About Adunni

Adunni Rufai

AADÙN is a sustainable brand that upcycles and repurposes traditional African Handwoven fabric.

Aso òkè is considered an artifact and is often passed down from generation to generation as a family heirloom. They stand the test of time because they are quality fabrics traditionally handwoven on a loom made out of original cotton. However, as more ceremonies are being held, and different aso òkè adornments are being worn to each of them, they end up taking up space in our closets as we all keep buying new ones for the next ceremony. Consequently, over the years, we amass bags and bags of aso òkè sitting idle, collecting dust or worse, ending up in a landfill.

AADÙN is tackling waste by collecting these high-quality fabrics that were previously owned and repurposing them into timeless handcrafted pieces for everyday use. Thereby contributing to the circular economy and a more sustainable environment.

“Getting started is more important than being right.” – Adunni Rufai


Philip Vadley Edward Correya

Philip Vadley Edward Correya

About Philip

Philip Vadley Edward Correya
Pumpkin Kart
Analytics For Business Decision Making Program, 2016

We are Toronto’s own, Ethnic Food and Grocery Delivery service, currently catering to the South Asian and Middle-Eastern communities in Canada.

“Dreaming big and being resilient can pave your path to be a successful entrepreneur.” –Philip Vadley Edward Correya

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Samantha McAdams

Samantha McAdams

About Samatha

Samantha McAdams
Samantha McAdams Jewellery
Jewellery Methods, 2016

Inspired by all things antique, Samantha is influenced by the tradition and sentiment of heirloom jewellery. Her work demonstrates an appreciation for the fine details found in classical techniques and high-quality craftsmanship. Samantha is passionate about the custom jewellery process and working one-on-one with her clients to fully execute their vision. She takes pride in personally connecting with new people to create pieces that can be a part of their families for generations to come.

“Explore your industry. Work for established entrepreneurs and soak it all in. Take this knowledge and find out where you see yourself and go there!” – Samantha McAdams

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Jo Beach

Jo Beach

About Jo

Jo Beach
Founder, cedar and vine
Apparel Technical Design, Fashion/Apparel, 2018

Cedar & Vine is a luxury linen wear brand located in Weyburn, SK. To us, slow fashion goes hand-in-hand with intentional design, a process that works for good to benefit everything affected by the product. This includes the people who create, model, and market our garments, good ol’ mother earth, and of course, YOU – the end user.

The way we ensure that the entire process is sustainable and ethical is by making each product to order right under our own studio roof, sizes 2xs – 4xl.

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Carey Pearson

Carey Pearson

About Carey

Carey Pearson
Flux + form
Business, 1997

Flux + form is three intuitive designers working in a warm, inviting space and creating jewelry that shares our art and celebrates our client’s stories.

“Being an entrepreneur has allowed me to see so much more possibility with my career. I don’t feel the limits that I did working in a corporate nine-to-five job.”- Carey Pearson

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Juline Sutton

Juline Sutton

About Juline

Juline Sutton
Black Women United
Social Service Worker, 2021

Our mission is to create safe spaces to educate and empower Black women through strength-based workshops while fostering mental wellness and a positive sense of self.

“Stay consistent, stick to it. The payoff will be rewarding.” – Juline Sutton

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Josh Hy

Josh Hy

About Josh

Josh Hy
The DeZinr
Advanced Graphic Design – 2006

Josh Hy aka The Dezinr is a mixed-media digital artist based in Toronto, descended from Jamaica. Specializing in handcrafted Luxury Art in traditional and digital mediums, finished in resin, diamond dust, Swarovski crystals, and 18-24kt gold, mounted on wood.

His work has been shown at various institutions across Canada and the UK

“Rock bottom is a good lesson, the only way you can go is up.”

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Angela Grant Buechner

Angela Grant Buechner

About Angela

Angela Grant Buechner
Nutmeg Consulting-Birth Babies & Breastfeeding
Registered Nurse-Perinatal Intensive Care Nursing, 2003

Private practice providing Lactation Consultant home visits, Breastfeeding Prep & Baby care consults, Birth Doula care for ALL kinds of birth, and Postpartum Doula visits for day/night support.

“Using education, creativity and passion, you can create new ways to help others.”- Angela Grant Buechner

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About Vimal

GDG Cloud Toronto
Information System Business Analysis, 2019

GDG Cloud Toronto is an Official Chapter of Google. It is a group of Cloud enthusiasts that foster the learning of Google’s Cloud technologies. It started as a local community-ran meetup for cloud aspirants interested in resources and technology from Google.

After scaling up from 2 individuals to 2000 community members in its inception year – 2019, GDG Cloud Toronto is now expanding its horizons towards broader IT Training, Services, and Consulting. This organization was featured in the official Youtube handle for its unmatched success in conducting study jams. Watch it here.

“It is our passion and endurance which makes all the difference. Business knowledge can be learned, and skills can be developed.” – Vimal

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Lesley Hampton

Lesley Hampton

About Lesley

Lesley Hampton
Founder, Fashion Designer, Creative Director of Lesley Hampton
Fashion Techniques and Design, 2017

Lesley Hampton is a fashion label established in Toronto, Canada, specializing in luxury evening wear and premium After 5 designs. It’s an Indigenous-owned fashion brand focused on mental health awareness, body positivity, and authentic Indigenous representation. The Lesley Hampton brand is known for promoting inclusion and diversity, which represents a broader perception of beauty.

“It is empowering to be your own boss and to make the change you want to see in the world!” – Lesley Hampton

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Charisse Mendoza

Charisse Mendoza

About Charisse

Charisse Mendoza
oui matcha
Fashion Management, 2019

Switch your morning routine by avoiding jitters, crashing and heightening your emotions. Oui Matcha will help you indulge in healthy options in the best way possible. It doesn’t only provide a healthy option; it allows you to start a different conversation.

“No time is the best the time to follow your dreams.” – Charisse Mendoza

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Doina Oncel

Doina Oncel

About Doina

Doina Oncel
Assaulted Women and Children’s Advocate Program – 2002

Based in Toronto, Canada, hEr VOLUTION is the go-to place for youth, particularly young women from underserved communities, to come to in order to advance in 21st Century Skills. We exist to create opportunities for the next generation of women in STEM, connecting them with leaders in the industry for career support. We listen to the needs of the community and that of the STEM industry to better help the next generation of underserved youth, with a focus on young women entering STEM. “Inspiring girls to embrace STEM careers”

“You can do anything you put your mind to.” – Doina Oncel


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Ashley Kwong

Ashley Kwong

About Ashley

Ashley Kwong
Memory & Company
Activation Co-ordinator/Gerontology, 2000

“Memory & Company is a Respite Hotel and Premium Day Program for people living with Memory Loss. Ashley currently has 2 locations in Markham and Oakville, Ontario. Her company is the first of its kind in the world. Memory & Company has been internationally recognized as the future of Memory Care.”

"To accomplish great things, we must not only act but also dream; not only plan but also believe." - Anatol France

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Idil Asik

Idil Asik

About Idil

Idil Asik
Digital Media Marketing

Rock-A-Toy: A Mum Owned-Montessori Inspired Boutique Toy Shop

Everything started with becoming a mum; I realized the importance of a toy on child development. Rock-A-Toy sells unique and educational toys. I want to make kids and families happy and fall in love with my products.

“If I can start a business by myself with a small newborn baby during the lockdown, everyone can do it! Trust yourself, whatever the conditions are.” – Idil Asik

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Annissa Rodriguez

Annissa Rodriguez

About Annissa

Annissa Rodriguez
Analytics for Business Decision Making, 2018

Lamiaceae is an all-natural skincare company! We are devoted to creating natural skincare that is handcrafted locally, with zero chemicals and dyes!

“Commit yourself to personal mastery – Evolve yourself daily!” – Annissa Rodriguez

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Sarah Power

Sarah Power

About Sarah

Sarah Power
Fashion Design and Techniques, 2007

INLAND is a shopping community for Canadian designers and for those who celebrate them. A curated marketplace, INLAND showcases slow fashion, accessory, and jewelry brands that are thoughtfully designed and ethically produced. Founded in 2014 by Sarah Power, INLAND has created space – originally through pop-ups and now virtually – to access and shop Canada’s most exciting new designers.

“Chose courage over comfort and be true to the change you want to provoke.” – Sarah Power


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Laura Roppa

Laura Roppa

About Laura

Laura Roppa
MeLor Inc.
Early Childhood Education, 2009

At MeLor we connect thousands of professionals in childcare professionals to their dream job. We specialize in providing on-call Registered Early Childhood Educators and Assistants to licensed childcare facilities throughout Toronto and the GTA. We have recently extended our services regarding the Covid-19 pandemic to assist families with home-schooling needs. Our Educators now provide virtual learning support from the comfort and safety of their own homes. We also offer a variety of interactive workshops for Child care centers and other childhood educational institutions.

“Get comfortable with being uncomfortable!” – Laura Roppa

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Nikole Goncalves

Nikole Goncalves

About Nikole

Nikole Goncalves
Health Nut Nutrition
Business Administration-Marketing, 2011

Nikole Goncalves is passionate about food and nutrition. Her YouTube channel HealthNut Nutrition has videos on food, lifestyle, and wellness. She has over 600,000 subscribers, who she calls the HealthNut Fam. She has also released her first-ever cookbook, The HealthNut Cookbook.

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Caylan McMullan

Caylan McMullan

About Caylan

Caylan McMullan
Community Worker, 2015

BriConnect organizes learning opportunities for front-line workers to serve the Deaf community better. We provide immersive multi-day workshops which are adaptable to your working environments. This is a unique opportunity to learn while immersed in a Deaf environment and to utilize your skills as you are learning them in the workshops. Our workshops also give a chance to work closely with interpreters and familiarize yourself with the process of communication with a Deaf person while an interpreter is present.

“Accessibility for your staff and clients/customers is an asset and benefit to you, not a hindrance.”- Caylan McMullan

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Lucas Takashi

Lucas Takashi

About Lucas

Lucas Takashi
13AM Games
Game Programming, 2014

13AM Games is a game development studio based in Toronto, known for creating high-quality action and multiplayer titles.

“Be ready to make sacrifices, but make sure to enjoy the ride, everything will pay off.” – Lucas Takashi

Mutiat Olaniyan

Mutiat Olaniyan

About Mutiat

Mutiat Olaniyan
Fashion Design and Techniques, 2019

My name is Mutiat Olaniyan and I am excited to welcome you to this Amazing Community of Modesty! This, for me, is a dream come true. The ability to create a brand for myself and other women and men alike who desire modesty in clothing and Fashion.

My husband and I had this dream of having a modest Fashion brand for years, but as it turned out, it only came to fruition when he passed on, on May 9, 2017. May9 Canada was officially started on May 9, 2019, in Ontario, Canada. I decided to pursue this dream alone, not just for me but for other amazing women out there, in order to demonstrate strength in weakness. May 9, even though it started out as the darkest day of my life, has given me strength and determination like no other. It’s our promise to use the best fabrics to make the most beautiful and elegant designs of modest wears with superior finishing. To deliver only quality service and superb customer relations. We are also a company that gives back to charity for every percentage of profit we make. We are based in Canada and we want to reach out to you anywhere you are in the world. We want to have a very good relationship with you and our community, too, so we welcome your advice, comments and recommendations.

“Entrepreneurship is a test of your patience, resilience and consistency.” – Mutiat Olaniyan

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Sarah Dougall

Sarah Dougall

About Sarah

Sarah Dougall
Made You Look Jewellery
Jewellery Arts, 2001

Sarah’s company represents over 100 Canadian jewelry designers, 20 of whom create their work on-site in our state-of-the-art jewelry studio.

“Entrepreneurship is about recognizing a need, seeing an opportunity and being brave enough to do something about it.”- Sarah Dougall

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