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GBCareers has helped connect thousands of George Brown grads with jobs and work experience they are looking for. Employers know the quality of George Brown College programs, and want to hire our graduates. Over 14,500 employers have registered to post jobs on the GBCareers site, and new employment opportunities are posted every month!

GBCareers is exclusive to George Brown students and alumni. It’s free, features a huge range of job postings across Canada and internationally, and gives you access to postings 24 hours a day.

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How to access GBCareers

Read the article, Using GBCareers to Find your Perfect Job, below to access valuable tips and info that will make you an instant GBCareers expert. In addition to learning how to quickly search and apply for jobs, you’ll find out how to customize the site and access useful features, like setting up notifications so you know right away when new jobs are posted.

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Did you know? Over 29,000 employers have posted job opportunities on GBCareers. You have the opportunity to post job openings at your company to hire George Brown College alumni or students.

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Using GBCareers to find your perfect job

Love them or hate them, job posting sites are here to stay!  Whether you are applying for your first job since graduation or are looking to move into the next phase of your career, there are many reason s why you should be using on-line job posting boards to stay on top of things:

  • You have access to jobs 24 hours a day which is fantastic if you can’t job search during regular working hours
  • You can job search in any geographical location nationally or internationally – think globally!
  • You don’t have to spend a penny and you get access to thousands of jobs
  • You can get maximum exposure by posting your resume on-line (hmmm, good and bad!)

George Brown's job posting site for students and graduates, GBCareers, has been around since 2009. At last count there were 6700 employers registered on the site and they are all posting jobs…that’s a lot of jobs! Employers know our programs and want to hire our students and grads so you need to be where the employers are to get the best shot at one of the many great jobs on the site. Knowing the best way to use the site is going to be more effective in getting closer to landing a job. We’ve compiled some important aspects of using GBCareers and we hope they’ll make your use of the site as user friendly as possible.

How to use GBCareers

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Step 1 - Uploading your application

First, when you find a job you’d like to apply for, follow the instructions carefully when you are uploading your application. Pay attention to what is and isn’t allowed. For example, no spaces or symbols are permitted. One thing to keep in mind is that there is no way to recall a résumé once it’s been sent and you can’t cancel an application once it’s gone. Be sure to upload and review your application package before you send it. Some companies will want you to email your résumé directly to them through their business website.

Step 2 - Naming conventions

Second, name your file carefully and specifically. Don’t call it “My Awesome Resume” put your first and last name and resume or cover letter, which will look a lot more professional when received by a company.

Step 3 - Searching best practice

Thirdly, instead of searching using key words do a quick search targeted to a specific school, for example, if you are a graduate of marketing then you might want to target The Centre for Business and see the different jobs that employers have targeted to your specific area of study. You might find a job under a position title that you might not have thought to search.

Step 4 - Email alerts

Fourthly, if you want to have jobs sent to your email that match certain terms or job titles, then be sure to put a check in the boxes when you are prompted to do so. Sign up for email alerts when jobs that interest you are posted on the site. Click on the box available for this at the top of the page when you do a search for jobs.

Step 5 - Organization searches

Finally, if you are really keen on working for a specific organization you can search job postings by organization. You can find the button to do this on the bottom of the Job Postings page. All jobs ever posted by the organization will appear not just the ‘live’ ones. This way you can get a really good idea of the kind of positions they have been interested in filling and you can directly contact them about possible openings for someone with your skills.