Exploring the future of work with our Work Shift podcast

Digital disruption. The gig economy. Artificial intelligence. There’s a lot of talk about how these and other technological advancements are revolutionizing how we work, but what do they mean for you? 

George Brown College’s Shawne McKeown and Ray Harripaul are exploring the future of work and changes you can expect to see at your job. They’re talking to industry leaders and educators about how this massive digital shift could change your career.  

Take a listen and find out what you can do to adapt, evolve and thrive.  

Episode 6 – How higher education is changing, with George Brown College President Anne Sado

Shawne and Ray discuss the future of higher education with George Brown College President Anne Sado and Microsoft Canada's Director of Education Strategy and Learning Solutions Lia De Cicco-Remu.

Learn more about Anne Sado at georgebrown.ca/bio-anne-sado and learn more about Lia De Cicco-Remu at linkedin.ca .

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Episode 5 – Jeremy Rifkin on the future of work and education

Shawne and Ray sit down with internationally acclaimed author and economic and social theorist Jeremy Rifkin to talk about what we can expect for the future of work amid a third industrial revolution and the climate crisis.

Learn more about Rifkin at https://www.foet.org/about/jeremy-rifkin/ Open New Browser Window.

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Episode 4 – Talking change management with Toronto tech exec Claudette McGowan 

How do you handle change at work? Shawne and Ray talk to Claudette McGowan, Chief Information Officer, Enterprise Technology, Employee Experience at BMO, about how to adapt and thrive in a world of rapidly evolving tech.

Learn more about Claudette McGowan Open New Browser Window.

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Episode 3 – Disruption in banking and financial services 

Shawne and Ray speak with Tracey Britt, George Brown College business professor and certified financial planner, and Claudette McGowan, CIO, Enterprise Technology, Employee Experience, BMO, about tech and trends disrupting the banking and financial services industries. 

Learn more about Professor Tracey Britt Open New Browser Window and learn more about guest Claudette McGowan Open New Browser Window.

Show related links: Financial Advice in Canada: A Way Forward Open New Browser Window (University of Western Ontario) The Talented Mr. Robot Open New Browser Window (Brookfield Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship)

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Episode 2 – The future of health care jobs

Shawne and Ray speak with Dr. Cory Ross, VP, Academic at George Brown College, about exciting new jobs that could transform the health care sector, and how technology won’t jeopardize the human touch in health care. 

Read Cory's bio.

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Episode 1 – The big picture with Dr. Rick Huijbregts 

Shawne and Ray speak with Dr. Rick Huijbregts, Vice President, Strategy & Innovation at George Brown College, about new technology and trends that are revolutionizing how we work. 

Read Rick's bio and follow him on Twitter Open New Browser Window

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