Program Delivery for Winter 2024

Classes begin on January 8, 2024, for the Winter 2024 term.

Please check the tables below to see how your program/semester will be delivered.

Program delivery definitions:

Choice: Choice between hybrid, online, or fully in-person (subject to availability).
Co-op: Co-op/Work Experience term
Hybrid: Online/e-learning and no less than 40% and no more than 50% in-person delivery with active instructor presence/evaluation. The planned and required online components include technology enhanced learning experiences and equate to 1/2 of the instructional time that would typically be spent face-to-face. Asynchronous and modular online learning opportunities may be available (web-casts, chat sessions, team projects, etc.). 
Not Available: The program/semester is not being offered
On Campus: All courses fully in-person.
Online: All courses fully online.

Special notices:

  • Courses in Business programs are scheduled Mondays to Fridays and may begin at 8 am; others may run until 9 pm. On Saturdays, beginning at 8 am and running until 6 pm. Students are encouraged to register early for their courses to secure a timetable that best fits their schedules.
  • Postgraduate Business Programs — All courses requiring a guest speaker will continue to be delivered online regardless of the delivery listed in the table below except for MARK4032 (B409).
  • Diploma Business Programs — Diploma courses will be delivered on campus though some courses will have online offerings or are only offered online (subject to availability).
  • Marketing Management – Digital Media (B433) — Courses will be delivered on campus with certain weeks designated for online learning.
  • Degree Business Programs — Certain Degree courses will only be offered online even if the program and semester is listed as Fully On Campus.
  • Marketing Management – Financial Services (B406): COMP1192 in semester 1 is delivered online.

Program Delivery Method

Hospitality & Culinary Arts

Chef School
Program Name Winter 2024
Honours Bachelor of Food Studies (H317) Semester 2, 4, 6: On Campus
Honours Bachelor of Food Studies (Bridging) (H318) Semester 6: On Campus
International Cuisine (Postgraduate) (H415) Semester 3: Suspended
Hospitality & Tourism Management
Program Name Winter 2024
Advanced Wine and Beverage Business Management (Postgraduate) (H414) Semester 2: On Campus
Event Planning (H141) Semester 1, 2, 3, 4: Hybrid
Food and Beverage Management – Restaurant Management (H132) Semester 1, 2, 3, 4: Hybrid
Food Tourism Entrepreneurship (Postgraduate) (H417) Semester 2: Hybrid
Honours Bachelor of Business Administration (Hospitality) (Fast-Track) (H312) Semester 6, 8: Hybrid
Honours Bachelor of Business Administration (Hospitality) (H311) Semester 2, 4, 6, 8: Hybrid
Hospitality Services (H101) Semester 1, 2: Hybrid
Hospitality – Hotel Operations Management (H133) Semester 1, 2, 3, 4: Hybrid
Tourism and Hospitality Management (H130) Semester 1, 2, 3, 4: Hybrid

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For the complete list of program delivery information by semester, please download the Excel version below.

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