International Cuisine Program

  • Program Name:
    International Cuisine
  • Code: H415
  • Credential:
    Ontario College Graduate Certificate
  • Method of Study:
  • Duration:
    3 semesters
  • Centre:
  • School: Chef School
  • Location: St. James Campus
  • Starting Months: May
  • Domestic Tuition:
    $9,338.00 * ‡
  • International Tuition:
    $27,028.00 ** ‡
  • Winter 2023 Delivery:
    Semester 2: Not Available
  • Spring 2023 Delivery:

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Program Overview

Are you looking to create dishes by combining the elements of regional traditions and authentic ingredients from cultures that span the globe? Would you like to embed new influences in traditional menus? Immerse yourself in cuisine and cultures by enrolling in the George Brown College International Cuisine program and study cuisines steeped in tradition.

Our one-year International Cuisine graduate certificate program prepares you for the dynamic and diverse culinary scene in Toronto and around the world by giving you the skills to work in a variety of international cuisines.

Full Description

This program is your passport to grow and enhance your culinary skill set with a specialization in international cuisine. Demonstrations, lectures and hands-on practice will teach you the fundamental skills for a successful career that allows you to work in a wide variety of today’s leading culinary establishments. You will explore culinary skills related to appetizers, entrees, snacks and desserts from India, Thailand, Malaysia, Japan, China, Korea, Vietnam, Spain, Mexico, Argentina, Chile, Africa, the Caribbean and the Middle East.

Throughout this program you will: 

  • Experience hands-on learning, participate in field trips to spice markets, learn about international beverages, build your knowledge in international cuisine and learn how culture influences cuisine.
  • Have the opportunity to complete a unique international or domestic placement.
  • Build and display a comprehensive portfolio that showcases the knowledge you have learned throughout the program.

Build a portfolio of your experience in Canada and internationally with specialized skills and knowledge that differentiates you from others in the industry.

Program Schedule

The schedule for the International Cuisine graduate certificate program currently operates from Monday to Friday. Some classes may begin at 7 a.m. or run until 10 p.m.

Your Field Education Options

You will have the opportunity to take part in a unique international or domestic externship. This opportunity will allow you to put your skills on display and give you the chance to work with top international and domestic chefs and industry leaders. This program teaches you how to study and explore world cuisines as well as apply these skills to other cuisines to create your own style.

In addition to more formal on-the-job work experience, George Brown College endeavours to provide learning opportunities with real-world challenges and customers.

Program Learning Outcomes

The graduate demonstrates the ability to:

1. Plan and prepare authentic menus and food by using culinary techniques indigenous to international regions of focus.

2. Communicate in an international culinary environment using appropriate terminology and customs in order to integrate as a member of the team.

3. Interpret nuances in gastronomic regionality through research and field experience.

4. Execute culinary dishes that reflect regional and cultural authenticity using alternative, locally-sourced ingredients.

5. Comply with Canadian health, safety and nutrition regulations, standards, guidelines and processes.

6. Develop a marketing plan for a regionally specific food service operation or product concept that reflects relevant cultural norms.


Required Courses


semester 1 courses
CodeCourse name
HOSF1270International Culinary Skills – India, Thailand, Singapore and Malaysia
HOSF1271Global Cultures, Product Knowledge and Terminology – India, Thailand, Singapore and Malaysia
HOSF1272International Culinary Skills – Japan, China, Korea and Vietnam
HOSF1273Global Cultures, Product Knowledge and Terminology – Japan, China, Korea and Vietnam
HOSF1274Global History of Foods
HOSF1308International Wines and Beverages


semester 2 courses
CodeCourse name
HOSF1309International Culinary Skills – Spain, Mexico, Peru, Argentina and Brazil
HOSF1310Global Cultures, Product Knowledge and Terminology – Spain, Mexico, Peru, Argentina and Brazil
HOSF1311International Culinary Skills – Africa, Middle East and Caribbean    
HOSF1312Global Cultures, Product Knowledge and Terminology – Africa, Middle East and Caribbean
HOSF1291Marketing 1


semester 3 courses
CodeCourse name
HOSF1280International Externship
HOSF1313Marketing 2 *

* Asynchronous

The course curriculum is continuously being enhanced and courses may be modified. Changes are pending Ministry approval. Please check for the most up-to-date information.


Career & Postgraduate Study Opportunities

Career Options

Graduates may work in local, domestic and international dining establishments, find employment in a range of kitchens with broad and diverse menus, or may take an entrepreneurial path.




This program aims to connect culture with cuisine in understanding a range of countries/continents and regions and respond to local and national demand for authentic international cuisine. Graduates will meet this demand by preparing authentic dishes, culturally inspired menus or fusion menu options. 

Tuition and Fees

Domestic Tuition

$9,338.00 * ‡

International Tuition

$27,028.00 ** ‡

Additional Costs

* Amounts listed are the total of tuition, materials, student service and ancillary fees for the three semesters of programs starting in fall 2021. Fees are subject to change for programs starting in fall 2022 and at later dates.

** Amounts listed are the total of tuition, materials, student service and ancillary fees for the three semesters of the program starting in Fall 2022. Fees are subject to change for program semesters starting at later dates.

‡ Additional Cost

Description                                               Cost

Uniform                                                     $290

Knives and small wares                               $500-$700

Black safety shoes                                      $110-$160

Airfare (international) (approximate)*           $1,800-$3,000

Visa fee (approximate)*                               $75-$85

*Approximate based on exchange rate, applicable taxes.

International students:  Visit the International Tuition Fees and Related Costs page for more information.

International Students

Visit the International Fees and Related Costs page for more information. 

Financial Assistance

This program is approved for OSAP funding, provided the applicant meets OSAP eligibility criteria.

Disclaimer: The information contained in this website is subject to change without notice. It should not be viewed as a representation, offer or warranty. Students are responsible for verifying George Brown College fee requirements.

How to Qualify and Apply

Admission Requirements

  • Diploma or Bachelor's Degree in Culinary Management


  • One-year certificate in Culinary Skills program or Advanced Cook certification AND a minimum of one-year relevant work experience (resume and references required)


    • A Diploma or Bachelor's Degree in an unrelated field AND a minimum of one-year full-time relevant work experience (resume and references required)

English Proficiency

Applicants with international transcripts who do not provide English proficiency test results must test at the College level in the George Brown College English assessment to be considered for admission. Please visit English Proficiency for more details.

Course Exemptions

College or university credits may qualify you for course exemptions. Please visit Transfer Guide for more information.

International Students

Visit the International Admissions page for more information regarding country specific admission requirements.  

Health Policy

Students should be aware that various allergens, including nuts, dairy and shellfish, are routinely used in practical labs. Students should also note that George Brown College is sensitive to religious observances; however, while products purchased for production and consumption meet all provincial and federal regulations, they may not meet specific dietary laws related to Halal and Kosher foods.

How to Apply

Domestic students should apply through Ontario Colleges.

International Students

Visit the How to Apply page for more information on how and when to apply. 

International students should apply through the George Brown College Online Application System.

Contact Us

Contact Charlton Alvares, Centre for Hospitality and Culinary Arts at


For more information about George Brown College, you may also call the Contact Centre at 416-415-2000 (TTY 1-877-515-5559) or long distance 1-800-265-2002.

International Students

Contact one of our international recruitment representatives specializing by country of origin by either booking a virtual meeting or submitting an inquiry. For more information visit the International Contact Us page

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