Culinary Arts – Italian Program (Postgraduate) (H411)

Program Description

Program Overview

Do you want to learn Italian cooking? Elevate your career by joining this specialized Italian culinary and culture program; learn from the experts here in Canada and live, learn and work in Italy, too! Acquire the techniques that make Italian cuisine famous around the world. Experience the special connection between food and life in Italy. Embrace the kitchen experiences and courses in Italian art and culture that will deepen your understanding of this great tradition. The Culinary Arts – Italian postgraduate program delivers this and more.

Full Description

Through this program, you will:

  • Experience hands-on learning in both Canada and Italy with pre-eminent Italian chef professors in the country.
  • Build your knowledge of Italian culinary traditions and embrace emerging trends in Italian cuisine.
  • Benefit from our partnership with ALMA, the world-famous Scuola Internazionale di Cucina Italiana, near Parma, Italy, which is one of Italy’s finest chef schools.
  • Experience the vineyards, cheese producers and local markets of Italy as your open-air classroom.
  • Study in some of the best restaurants and hotels in Italy, where you will get attention, training and an inspiring experience.

You will put theory into practice as you are showcased alongside Italian top talent and serve discerning urban diners in the heart of Toronto’s culinary scene. After your experiences in Italy, showcase what you’ve learned at The Chefs' House, George Brown's signature restaurant.

This program has a long-standing reputation for excellence among Italian restaurateurs in Toronto and beyond, which will make you a sought-after employee when you graduate.

To get a taste of this exciting program, check out our Interactive Culinary Arts – Italian flipbook.

Program Schedule

The schedule for the Culinary Arts – Italian postgraduate program currently operates from Monday to Friday.

Note: some classes may begin at 7 a.m. and others may run until 10 p.m.

George Brown College Chef School Student Standards and Expectations

Your Field Education Options

Study in some of the best restaurants and hotels in Italy, where you will receive individual attention, training and an inspiring experience. George Brown works with employers and industry partners to identify potential work experience opportunities. Students are also strongly encouraged to pursue self-directed industry work experience opportunities within Culinary Management they believe will provide the learning experiences they value and meet the learning outcomes of the program. This valuable work experience can be added to your resumé. 

In addition to more formal on-the-job work experience, George Brown College endeavours to provide learning opportunities with real-world challenges and clients.

Career & Postgraduate Study Opportunities

Career Options

A knowledge of Italian cooking opens up an abundance of opportunities in Toronto, which has one of the largest Italian populations of any city outside Italy. Wherever you go, there are Italian restaurants, many specializing in one of the regional variations of Italian cuisine. All of these options mean you will have a dynamic and varied career.

Alumni Impact

We are immensely proud of the contributions of our alumni in Toronto and around the globe.
From Michelin-starred restaurants to major construction, entertainment, community and financial organizations, our graduates are truly making an impact across a range of industries.

Latest alumni stories 

After deciding to pursue a long-term interest in the restaurant industry, Sonya Franceschini was immediately drawn to the Culinary Arts – Italian program at George Brown, the only program in Ontario with an exclusive partnership with ALMA Scuola di Cucina.

The reputation of the George Brown Chef School appealed to her, as did the four-month externship in Italy that comprises the second semester of the program.

After being accepted into the program and starting school, Sonya was struck by how small and well organized the classes were. “It was a highly professional atmosphere,” she says. “And because it’s a postgraduate program, everyone was really enthusiastic to be there.”

Sonya Franceschini
Ontario College Graduate Certificate

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