Construction Engineering Technician Program (T161)

Program Description

Program Overview

Construction engineering technicians work with home builders and general contractors, bid for construction work and organize and supervise the participation of various trades involved in a construction project. This two-year Construction Engineering Technician diploma program provides the technical skills and knowledge required to assist in all phases of residential, small commercial and industrial construction projects.

Full Description

The Construction Engineering Technician program studies the characteristics of various building types.  The program focuses on:

  • interpretation of construction documents
  • on-site building engineering and safety
  • project costs (labour, materials and equipment)
  • building codes and construction contracts
  • site management practices
  • construction surveying
  • building materials 
  • construction graphics and detailing 

*If you enrol in the program in January, you are required to complete Semester 2 in the summer (May to August) of the same year in order to continue into Semester 3 in the fall.

Your Field Education Options

Please contact the Angelo DelZotto School of Construction Management for updated information regarding field education and experiential learning options.

Field experience combines classroom learning with hands-on work experience structured to meet specific curricular outcomes. This approach to education relies upon a three-way partnership: the student, the institution and industry. Success depends upon the co-operative efforts of each party. It forms the basis for students’ experiential learning, which is achieved when the cycle of experience, reflection and learning are completed. It is a mandatory component of the T161 Construction Engineering Technician program. Field experience positions can be paid or unpaid. Both fulfill the academic requirement as well as strengthen students’ resumés, positioning them more effectively for future employment.

The field experience requires students to accumulate 100 hours of construction-industry-related experience over the course of their third and fourth semesters. The field experience is facilitated through the Angelo DelZotto (ADZ) School of Construction Management.

Field experience is a mandatory component of the T161 Construction Engineering Technician program. Field experience positions can be paid or unpaid. 

Career & Postgraduate Study Opportunities

Career Options

Graduates from this program enter the industry as: 

  • construction technicians
  • construction site managers
  • project and construction managers
  • construction estimators
  • home builders
  • general contractors
  • building and home inspectors
  • construction technical sales agents

Graduates may even choose to start their own businesses.


Construction is the engine that drives the GTA and Ontario economies. In 2019, the industry generated over 360,000 on-site and off-site jobs, paid more than $22 billion in wages, and created almost $43 billion in Ontario’s built environment. Nationally, the construction industry employs one out of every 14 working Canadians. However, there remains a shortage of educated and highly skilled workers in the sector.

With an expanding regional transit network stimulating redevelopment and growth and population and demographic shifts at the heart of a demand surge for housing, the GTA has the largest construction activity of any region in Canada. In fact, the City of Toronto continues to report the highest number of construction cranes of any city in North America.

Despite the recent challenges, the construction sector in Ontario remains strong, led by significant government investment and continued demand for housing.

School of Construction Management Program Advisory Committee (PAC) has an engaged committee with a good and broad representation of the industry. Members contribute their ideas and opinions with respect to curriculum changes, industry trends, awards and scholarships, competitions, special events, work experience and mentoring for students. 

Educational Pathways

Pathways to the Honours Bachelor of Technology (Construction Management) degree program are also available after completing the three-year Construction Engineering Technology program.

For more information, see Transfer Guide.

Future Study Options

Students in this program are eligible to transfer with advanced standing into semester 5 of the Construction Engineering Technology advanced diploma program (T105).


If you are transferring from another Ontario college Construction Engineering program, you may be eligible for advanced standing. Please consult the Transfer Guide website.

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