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Print Resources from the School of Labour include:

  • Rights and Wrongs: Workplace Rights and Responsibilities (facilitators' manual for Employment Standards in Ontario, 1999) 
  • Proceedings: Prior Learning and Assessment Centres: Who Needs Them? A Symposium on Community Models for PLAR. Held at George Brown College, Toronto, April 1999
  • Never Too Late:  Interview Strategies for Older Workers (video, 1996)
  • Getting the Credit You Deserve:  Portfolio Development for ESL Speakers (facilitators' manual, 1995)

Our Favorite Links

The School of Labour’s partners and closely-linked community-based organizations

National and Provincial Federations of Labour

Unions in Canada

Labour Studies / Labour History Journals
(and magazines that sometimes carry Labour Studies content)

Labour Studies / Labour History Sites

Up-to-the-minute labour news

  • LabourStart “Where unionists start their day on the web” – campaigns and information from Canada and across the globe
  • Canadian Association of Labour Media  – lots of great info, CARTOONS! and links
  • labournet San Francisco-based institute for global communication
  • Working TV A labour TV program broadcast weekly in British Columbia – “from the point of view of those of us who do the work”!

International labour sites

Labour Studies Programs

Progressive Media, E-zines and journals

  • Dissent magazine 
  • labour Notes US organization working on restoring democracy to unions since 1979, connected to labour News Wire, which is updated every 15 minutes 
  • Mojo Wire, Mother Jones, US investigative magazine since 1976, named after the feisty pioneer labour organizer 
  • New Internationalist -- a gorgeous site from the magazine, packed with global info and links to action sites for teachers, students and the community 
  • Our Times – Canada’s Independent Labour Magazine
  • A huge Canadian site with articles, columns, podcasts and even an etiquette column!
  • Red Pepper – a very cool and smart British based e-journal “spicing up politics”
  • Seven Oaks A Vancouver magazine of “politics, culture and resistance”(takes its name from the Manitoba battle of Seven Oaks in 1816 between the Metis and the British colonialists)
  • Spacing -- A wise and thoughtful Toronto site devoted to improving public spaces – in the political, social and cultural environment
  • The Straight Goods - Canadians informing Canadians -


Corporate monitoring:
  • McSpotlight: critical of McDonalds and its clones
Philosophy behind Corporate Globalization:  
Canadian Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO’s)
  • Council of Canadians: non-governmental trade watchdog
  • Maquila Solidarity Network: works to improve conditions for workers in maquiladoras (free trade processing zones)
  • Kairos:  Ecumenical social justice organization
  • Inter Pares:  Canadian social justice/development organization  
Global Financial Institutions and Agreements pushing neoliberalism:
  • The Bretton Woods Project: critical of World Bank
Alternatives to Corporate Globalization:
  • Alliance for Responsible Trade: information on A People’s Trade Agreement
  • Common Frontiers: A Canadian organization that brings together people from many sectors to fight against globalization and deep economic integration in the Americas; lots of valuable info  

LGBTQQ and Positive Space sites

  • George Brown College’s Positive Space site – lots of info and links!  
  • Equality for Gays and Lesbians Everywhere (EGALE)
  • Gay Rights Watch Updated news re lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender Americans
  • International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission
  • Stonewall A British advocacy and lobbying organization

Activism! Community and Social Justice Organizations

  • Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives  An independent, non-partisan research institute concerned with issues of social and economic justice
  • No One is Illegal – works against immigration policies that restrict access to services and citizenship and that increase poverty globally and locally
  • Centre for Social Justice A progressive think tank that aims to narrow the gap between rich and poor, and to reduce corporate domination.
  • The Council of Canadians - Canada’s largest citizens’ organization; valuable info re anti-globalization campaigns and issues
  • Institute for Work and Health 
  • Justice for Migrant Workers
  • The Polaris Institute A Canadian think tank founded in 1996 to give community groups and individuals the tools to re-skill themselves in the fight for social justice
  • Web Networks Community  3500+ Canadian activists, artists and non-profit organizations, and non-profit internet provider