George Brown College’s 32nd Annual Labour Fair
Corporate Power vs. Labour Power: It’s Our Work!!!
Monday March 18th – Friday March 22nd, 2024 

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On our theme

Our theme this year is Corporate Power vs. Labour Power: It’s Our Work!!!

TIn the 2020s, the world’s majority - its communities, its peoples, its workers – have had to contend with COVID, conflict, a worsening climate crisis and a cost of living crisis. In the 2020s, prices and precarity have gone up, while wages and security have gone down, right along with our social, political, economic and labour power. In the 2020s, the five richest men -  all corporate CEOs -  have doubled their wealth, while 5 billion  people have become poorer. In the 2020s, we have collectively become witness to a new era of inequality driven by corporate monopolies, but resisted by peoples mobilizations, from community activism to union organizing. It’s the 2020s and we’re only 4 years in. Will this decade be one of loss for the world’s people and planet? Or can it be one of resistance and reclamation of our world, our labour and our power? 

Labour Fair sessions March 18 - March 22 will be held in-person or online.

Pre-recorded interviews and select Labour Fair sessions will be aired on the Courage My Friends podcast on