Centre for Preparatory & Liberal Studies


Are you ready to start your academic career but aren’t sure what your area of study should be? Are you a newcomer to Canada seeking to improve your English and/or communication skills, or looking for an education program that can facilitate your entry into the Canadian workforce? Our program offerings address a broad range of student needs depending on where you are along your educational and/or career path.

If you know what area of study you want but you need to strengthen your academic skills and explore future careers then think about one of our Pre Programs in either Business, Community Services, Health, or Hospitality or consider taking one of our General Arts and Science programs which can open the door to other academic programs at George Brown or transfers to other colleges or university.

Passionate about making a difference – our one of a kind, Assaulted Women’s and Children’s Counsellor / Advocate program may be your calling.

For immigrant students, improve your English through a course in English for Academic Purposes, or work to re-establish your home country career with one of our Immigrant Education Bridging Programs.

If you are in need of help in finding the right program for you, make an appointment with our Entry Advising Services.

George Brown College Centre for Preparatory and Liberal Studies has varied and flexible program offerings to respond to a range of student interests and needs. Programs at the Centre for Preparatory and Liberal Studies are offered in four schools:

School of English as a Second Language – housed in a brand new, state of the art learning space in downtown Toronto, the School of English as a Second Language offers instruction to English language learners and English language teachers. Students gain access to all College facilities, including free internet and computer use, and access to the cafeteria, gymnasium exercise rooms and the Student Centre.

School of Immigrant and Transitional Education – specialized programs and services with added supports designed for individuals facing barriers to employment and/or further education. Programming for immigrant students includes workplace communications courses, and professional bridging programs that facilitate entry into the Canadian workforce. Supportive transitional education programming is designed for students who identify mental health and/or addictions challenges as a barrier to employment or further education.

School of Liberal Arts and Sciences – a certificate and diploma program in General Arts & Sciences and the Assaulted Women and Children’s Counsellor Advocate program, as well as general education and liberal studies electives in humanities, social sciences and science and technology to broaden perspectives and expose students to diverse disciplines.

School of Work and College Preparation – pre programs that prepare students for further study in business, health sciences, community services or hospitality; college vocational; Academic Upgrading including literacy and basic skills for Deaf and hard-of-hearing adults; and specialized programs, including vocational training, for students dealing with the challenges of mental health/addictions issues.

Pursue your studies with the innovative educational opportunities available at the Centre for Preparatory and Liberal Studies.