Remembering the victims of the Holocaust

January 27 marks International Holocaust Remembrance Day. It’s a time to take pause to remember those who were persecuted and killed by the Nazis in horrific crimes against humanity, and to promote Holocaust education.  

It is important for all of us at George Brown to take a moment today to commemorate the 6 million Jewish people, and many others, who were killed in the Holocaust, and commit to preventing all forms of racism, including anti-Semitism.  

European Commission President Ursula Gertrud von der Leyen underscored the importance of speaking out when witnessing injustice in our community. 

"We have to call out anti-Semitism, anti-Gypsyism and all forms of hatred and discrimination,” she said. “Be it on the grounds of racial or ethnic origin, religion or belief, gender, sexual orientation, age or disability.” 

Jennifer Grant, AVP, Anti-Racism, Equity and Human Rights Services, echoed these sentiments, noting that today is “a day to take pause, reflect and amplify the voices of survivors, family members and Jewish communities who continue to share stories of courage, lessons of love and calls for us to keep our minds ever turned towards justice.” 

“It is so important to remember that we have to be vigilant, that at a time when we see antisemitism on the rise that our values of diversity, equity and inclusion are not a foregone conclusion,” she said. “We must actively work to embed these values in ourselves, our GBC community and in our society.” 

Read more about George Brown’s anti-racism commitments in Strategy 2026/Vision 2030 and our Anti-Racism Strategy.